April 26, 2011

out of home

Nike Sweet Classic

Yesterday, my Dad went back to the sports warehouse we went to the other day, and my sister finally said yes to the Nike shoes that I really like.
So here are the lovely pair of Nike Sweet Classic.

ta-ta! :)

April 24, 2011

trial and error

Tiger top from theonlyukayqueen
Wet look leggings from online
Gray wedge pumps from Parisian

I am still in the verge of experimenting what type of clothes look good on my body type.
(You see I have a huge bottom part, which is my limbs and especially my thighs.)
I still don't know what is my style.

You will find, mostly, oversize shirts and leggings in my closet.
Long tops, graphic shirts and leggings.

I am afraid of fashion. Indeed. Or rather, I am afraid of other people's reaction. I have huge legs, and people's comment about it make my eyes teary. But hey! what can I do about it, this is what God gave to me and who cares? right. Another things was, I am kinda having a hard time buying shorts, because my waist line is (ehem) 27, but my thighs can't fit in a shorts in my size, so I always end up buying a pair in size 28 and it makes a weird look in the middle part of the shorts.

I will try to mix and match some of my clothes and hopefully start wearing more dresses and shorts and  less leggings or pants. And eventually, invest on heels since I need to practice wearing heels 'cause OJT is sort of coming. NeeHee.

Ta-Ta. :)

chaching babling

The "Price tag" song by Jessie J. is jammed inside my head.

"Ain't about the (uhh) chaching chaching, ain't about the (yeah) babling babling..."

Happy Easter! :)
Today we went to Greenhills. It's really frustrating going there without bringing a single moolah.
There are really a lot of good stuff. From cropped tops to daisy dukes to awesome topsider.
Me and my Mom had a small wrangle over a LOVE connector ring. I really felt bad about it because it was the last and only piece left. Sniff.

Another thing that made my easter sad was the fact that I didn't got the shoes that I really love.
Here's the story.
After Greenhills, we went to this sports house somewhere near Eastwood, Libis. The shoe rack of Keds was the first thing that I saw when I entered the door. I ran towards it and saw the Old rose Keds Champion. It tops my 2011 must-haves, really. So without my Dad's notice, I asked the kuya if they still have it in size 7. Epic fail. No more. Their biggest size was 9 and the smallest  was 5. I felt defeated because I have been longing for that shoes. So I just walked towards the boxes of Nike shoes until I saw an awesome pair of SB Dunks.

Not really this pair in the picture. The one that I saw was color gray and super girly. So I immediately tried it on and it looked good on me. My sister was trying on another pair of Nike shoes. Our Dad told us that we can get what we want, and since he know how much I want to own a pair of Keds sneakers he told me to ask again if they have my size, but if there's none, we will get one pair of shoes, which is the SB Dunks, 'cause he find it awesome also.
My sister didn't like it, but since we can get one pair only, my Dad opted not to get it for us 'cause he saw how disappointed my sister was when she found out that she can't get the shoes that she want. I felt guilty also 'cause I don't want to be unfair and selfish to her.

Crossed-fingers for that Old rose Keds.

April 23, 2011

better late than never

Zebra printed dress from theonlyukayqueen
Heather grey wedge pumps from Parisian

I am indeed a fashion late bloomer. I am by now 19 years old and just became interested in fashion last year. I am never a high-heels person nor a dress or skirt person. You can always caught me wearing a shirt, jeans and flip-flops or shirt, shorts and flip-flops.
Just last year, because of being exposed to LOOKBOOK, which is a very reliable fashion source, I became aware that I am a disaster when it comes to dressing up. By then, I started online shopping. I became addicted to online shopping, buying clothes that I didn't even wear.
I am a regular student, with regular allowance, I don't have the moolah to shop at Zara, Topshop, Forever21, and the likes. And even though we have, I don't have the guts to ask my Dad nor Mom to buy me clothes.
But you know what, I can still manage to buy clothes for myself and my very reliable source was *drumroll please* thrift shops.
Hey! they are packed with wonderful and unique pieces. You wouldn't even mind bumping into someone wearing the same dress or top because thrift shops sell one piece per item, unless it has a twin piece but that'll be in another thrift shop in some other place, maybe.
Thrift shop has been my savior whenever I need a dress that I need to wear in a cocktail party or a top that I need for a school reporting.
And the best part of thrift shopping was the SALE. You can buy dresses for as low as 2 bucks or a shoes that costs 3 bucks. Isn't that great?

Well, it doesn't matter where your clothes from, it relies on the bearer anyway.