April 24, 2011

trial and error

Tiger top from theonlyukayqueen
Wet look leggings from online
Gray wedge pumps from Parisian

I am still in the verge of experimenting what type of clothes look good on my body type.
(You see I have a huge bottom part, which is my limbs and especially my thighs.)
I still don't know what is my style.

You will find, mostly, oversize shirts and leggings in my closet.
Long tops, graphic shirts and leggings.

I am afraid of fashion. Indeed. Or rather, I am afraid of other people's reaction. I have huge legs, and people's comment about it make my eyes teary. But hey! what can I do about it, this is what God gave to me and who cares? right. Another things was, I am kinda having a hard time buying shorts, because my waist line is (ehem) 27, but my thighs can't fit in a shorts in my size, so I always end up buying a pair in size 28 and it makes a weird look in the middle part of the shorts.

I will try to mix and match some of my clothes and hopefully start wearing more dresses and shorts and  less leggings or pants. And eventually, invest on heels since I need to practice wearing heels 'cause OJT is sort of coming. NeeHee.

Ta-Ta. :)

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