May 30, 2011

who's happy now?

Now my Dad knew about Harlow ( my camera ). I thought he'd be so mad at me.
His reaction? "Ikaw talaga di ka mapakali."
He asked me rhetorical questions. I answered him eagerly with a hint of apprehension.
Then he blurted out, "Sayang bibilhan pa naman kita ng D3100."
WTF! Dad, you should have told me, so that I just have saved my money and just shopped for new clothes and shoes.
My mind screamed and my heart pounded.
But still I am happy, now that Dad knew how much I am eager to have one and understands how much I  want it. And at least, now I know also that I can ask help from him whenever I want to buy my DSLR.
Around August or September, I'll buy. :))

I actually don't like Nikon. I want Canon.
Torn between. . .



Scratch my old post / wish. I want this two. Anyhow.

I feel it in my bones, this is my year, I'll be having one... SOON! :)

* still crossing my fingers *


May 27, 2011

May 19, 2011

that fear...

Last Monday night, we got into a squabble.
I know, I know, it was my fault.
I am so poignant. I got easily irritated and will be easily moved by my anger. I have said words that I believe isn't appropriate.
Between us, I've always been the person who always tell "not to take me for granted", "decisions shouldn't be made when you are angry" but I have swallowed those words myself.
Little did I know, I was the one who should know and fathom those words.
You don't like arguments, you hate squabbles, you never get mad at me and if you does, I didn't know what to do. I never want you to get mad at me. Yes, I am afraid when you are angry. I was like a child who wants to ran and lock myself up into my room when you are mad at me.
In a day or two, you haven't answered my calls, nor responded on my messages.
I was so worried, that there might be something that happened to you.
I hardly slept. I found myself stirred last last night, crying. I was so preoccupied thinking of you.
At that moment, I really wanted to be with you, I was thinking of going to your place.
The next day, the second day that you weren't talking to me, I was thinking that you already want me out of your life because I have always been like this. I can't help but cry and cry... I needed you.
You are not only my boyfriend, but you are also my bestfriend, and you know that.
When you aren't talking to me, I don't know what to do, because you have always been my strength and my weakness.
For once, I have gathered all the courage and words that I need to say.
I was so happy when finally, you didn't fail me, I know you wouldn't.
Cause I know you love me as much as I love you.
And I thank God so much for bringing you into my life.
I am sorry again and I swear, I'll never ever ever outburst easily.

*emotional much, eh?

May 18, 2011

living a daydream

I wasn't sure yet if I'll be getting this, but one thing I know, my Dad would never buy me one. I just don't know, I feel like he doesn't understand how much I need it and want it.

I'll be saving up for it, I'll grasp the thought that "I CAN SAVE UP FOR IT", for god sake I really want it so bad.
I don't really have any background in operating a DSLR, but hey! I will not immediately strive on being a professional photography, I'll study it myself. I'll experiment and watch tutorials I guess.

Next year will be the year. I really want the newest model, Canon EOS 600D, but too expensive.
Well let's see.



broken like a pot

I am broken. And I don't feel right.

It was my fault I know. :(

Million tears falling..........

May 16, 2011

zee moustacio

Playing around zee moustaches. :{o

Zees is my boyfriend, Val. I'll blog about him zee next time. Neehee.

Before he got here in my home to see me, I've created moustache cut-outs so we could fool around and take pictures of ourselves, just like a photobooth. Voila! These are just two out of the 6 moustaches I've created out of cardboard. :)

Our heads are held up high because the moustache slips of our lips.
These are just some of my caviar dreams...

A fisheye camera, go to Paris, drive all the way to London, have a sunny-rainbow experience while sailing to Dubai.



(super late post)

Sorry for not posting lately, I've been in a hiatus state called "procrastinating".

So last last week, somewhere in the first week of May,  I guess, my cellphone which is a Nokia 2600C was acting a bit silly. I've been telling my Dad about it, since it was really annoying and frustrating.
So the next day after my phone really got into my nerves, as soon as my Dad got home, he showed me the new cellphone he bought, and it was for me. *thrilled*

Look how creepy my old phone was. Lewl. :)

Hello to my new Nokia C2-01. It's not much but it's so perfect for me.
It has a chat feature just like iPhone's.

So yeah, there it was. I heart it. :)


May 11, 2011

sorry for the lack of updates / posts here.
i just don't feel like posting and blogging lately.
i've been feeling a love-hate relationship with this blog. neehee. but promise, i'll post soon. about uncanny stuff. 


May 02, 2011

artsy fartsy mood

Yes I can draw.

First up this month, a DIANA F+ film camera. I wanted to own one but I changed my mind, I want a Fisheye 2 film camera and a Fuji Instax Mini. I am such a camera-lust. 

my first DIY

Pink cropped top from DIY / thrifted
Denim shorts from DIY / thrifted
Nike sweet classics
Pink wayfarer from Rayban
Random ballers

Summer ain't over yet. And in my opinion a cropped top is in the list of summer's must haves.
Since my summer income is ZERO, 'cause yeah, no classes = no allowance, I just made one my self.
I have few pieces of clothes from my online shop that hasn't been sold, one of it was this pink top. It was originally a t-shirt, I cut the sleeves then after few months I saw it again inside my wardrobe and think of cutting it in half since it's length is 26 inches which really looks awkward on me. VOILA! :)
Another DIY is this denim shorts. It is quite big so it turns out to be high-waist on me. Its original color was dark denim and so I soaked it in a pail full of water and Zonrox. VOILA!

I am petite. I know, I know, I'm tiny. I stand 5'1'' or 5'2'' and my legs are so freakin' huge. But just like what Tyra Banks' said, "SO WHAT?"
I am always inspired by Tyra Banks. Her campaigns are mostly about having self-confidence and being proud of your self and loving your flaws.

Ta-Ta! :)

10 random things about me

1. I can sleep with or without night lights.
2. I eat raw lumpia wrapper. (It's my favorite snack.)
3. I love fairytales but I don't believe in happy endings.
4. My favorite band is Train.
5. I have been a Globe user for about 2 years now.
6. When I was in Grade 4, I owned a Philips cellphone and it was the first cellphone I ever had.
7. My first plane ride was just last year when we went to Boracay.
8. My eyes are uneven because I have a stitch in my left eye.
9. I had my first boyfriend when I was 13 years old.
10. I have a clubbed-thumb, just like Megan Fox's thumb.