May 02, 2011

my first DIY

Pink cropped top from DIY / thrifted
Denim shorts from DIY / thrifted
Nike sweet classics
Pink wayfarer from Rayban
Random ballers

Summer ain't over yet. And in my opinion a cropped top is in the list of summer's must haves.
Since my summer income is ZERO, 'cause yeah, no classes = no allowance, I just made one my self.
I have few pieces of clothes from my online shop that hasn't been sold, one of it was this pink top. It was originally a t-shirt, I cut the sleeves then after few months I saw it again inside my wardrobe and think of cutting it in half since it's length is 26 inches which really looks awkward on me. VOILA! :)
Another DIY is this denim shorts. It is quite big so it turns out to be high-waist on me. Its original color was dark denim and so I soaked it in a pail full of water and Zonrox. VOILA!

I am petite. I know, I know, I'm tiny. I stand 5'1'' or 5'2'' and my legs are so freakin' huge. But just like what Tyra Banks' said, "SO WHAT?"
I am always inspired by Tyra Banks. Her campaigns are mostly about having self-confidence and being proud of your self and loving your flaws.

Ta-Ta! :)

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