May 30, 2011

who's happy now?

Now my Dad knew about Harlow ( my camera ). I thought he'd be so mad at me.
His reaction? "Ikaw talaga di ka mapakali."
He asked me rhetorical questions. I answered him eagerly with a hint of apprehension.
Then he blurted out, "Sayang bibilhan pa naman kita ng D3100."
WTF! Dad, you should have told me, so that I just have saved my money and just shopped for new clothes and shoes.
My mind screamed and my heart pounded.
But still I am happy, now that Dad knew how much I am eager to have one and understands how much I  want it. And at least, now I know also that I can ask help from him whenever I want to buy my DSLR.
Around August or September, I'll buy. :))

I actually don't like Nikon. I want Canon.
Torn between. . .



Scratch my old post / wish. I want this two. Anyhow.

I feel it in my bones, this is my year, I'll be having one... SOON! :)

* still crossing my fingers *


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