June 30, 2011


This afternoon, it was the first time we meet our prof. in foreign language major in French. 
(yeah! French.)
The teacher was speaking in English in the beginning, and when she was about to introduce herself, she then started to speak in AWESOME! French. And I was like.... 

She is so cool! I couldn't help but open my mouth in awe. Haha.
She is really talking to us in French.
You can easily understand what she is trying to convey 'cause of her expressions and gestures and some of the words are close to some Filipino/ English/ Spanish terms like
etudiant (e) = student = estudyante
prefesseur = professor
I enjoyed it. Since I really love and like and I'm eager to learn French.
I'm excited.

Au Revoir!



photo with nebula, nobody else does that. . . HIPSTER!


I have been kinda feeling lonely lately.
I've been feeling this certain sadness and self-pity.
I'm in a relationship but I feel alone.
I was never that kind of better-half who will not give at least a little time for my partner.
I make sure that there will never be any days that I will not text or call.
I am always about the communication.
Communication is so important to me.
Sometimes, I have this tendency to panic and worry so much and think of horrible things that might happen. I am a bit psychotic, at times, when I'm not doing anything.
Occasionally, since this semester starts, I find myself sad without any cause or particular reason.
I feel like I am kind of losing my self's worth.
I barely make friends. Though I have friends, I am having a hard time opening up to them.
I don't want them to see me in my most delicate moments.
I have had enough of that, exposing to other people what I really feel.
And it sucks 'cause it made me look like a weak person, a crybaby.
I don't want people to see me in pain, sad and crying out loud.
My only bestfriend, my only boyfriend and the only person whom I am overly confident to be with is always so freaking busy, he scarcely take to me and even when he does, it's either he's sleepy or tired or busy already. IT SUCKS!
The feeling sucks!
Like you still need to schedule an appointment to him before you are able to talk
vie with his school works so he can have time for me.
I really hate this feeling, this set-up, THIS all that is happening.

why does it have to be like this?
I am getting all that I've wished for but is this the consequence?



June 29, 2011


another wasted day.
no professors, no classes, nonsense.
buyers kept me preoccupied today.
many inquired about the product i am selling and i am so happy because God is granting my prayers and most of all, now I know he is listening to me.
Thank You Papa Jesus. : )

everything is happening so fast.
everything I've planned is falling perfectly right in to their place, well, a bit early.
but I have to do everything so I can save up for something I have been longing to have.
I just hope, wish and pray to have a perfect and safe transaction with every buyers/ customers that I bump in to.


June 28, 2011


I am so f'n happy because finally there are a lot of people going gaga over my camera. Jeez. I thought there wouldn't be anyone who will be interested in buying my camera since its brand isn't really that famous anymore. Ehem. Fujifilm. know about that?? hmm..
Thank God to ayosdito.ph. I posted it this morning and received a lot of offers the same morning.
There are some who want to buy it TODAY, immediately today.
That's great! But my schedule isn't great. *_*
I am still a bit edgy when it comes to meet-ups, since there are heaps of stories going around the metro about girls being raped because of meeting up or eyeballing with people whom they only met in a social network. That's why I am asking my Mom if she could accompany me so I wouldn't be that nervous. I really do hope he is a good guy and I also do hope that he likes the camera too.
So yeah. That's it. : )


June 27, 2011


Now, let's talk about how self-centered my blog is...

It all started when I completed the pages of my diary or let's just say when I was inspired to make one.
This blog is full of self-conceitedness, well, maybe because this is mine. Right?
Essentially, this will serve as my electronic diary, the podium of my random rants and thoughts (and sometimes, emotions) and as my portfolio of whatsoever stuff I am planning to do.
There are only few people who knows about this blog, me, myself and I. Kidding.
I don't know. Is there anyone out there? Talk to me, please....................... -_-
I haven't gained any followers yet but those two or three people who already viewed & commented on my blog made me ecstatic.
I wasn't updating this blog by that time, then when I was reviewing some of my posts I saw that there are two comments and just seeing that made me hurdle on my seat.
I am happy. Whenever I get followers on my Tumblr and in my Chictopia accounts, I feel ecstatic, I feel like posting more stuff and continue what I have begun.
Honestly, I am inconsistent, unpredictable and whimsical.
I am only good in every beginning. I easily get bored and irritated. I want things rush, I hate waiting.
I wish I was more consistent.. more persistent... more patient.

I lost my thoughts..


Strawberry Fields Forever

Why all of a sudden I became a fan of The Beatles.

Photo spamming for a day because I am home alone.


I am helping out my friend resell her brand new Canon S95.
Her Mom accidentally bought her one as a surprise gift to her too bad her Mom was surprised that she already have one.
(that's why we hate surprises because sometimes we are the one being surprised. lewl.)

This camera sells around Php  27, 950 ( $635 ) in malls.
But since, she wants to sell it immediately, she'd agreed to sell it in a much lower price.

Php 19,000 ( $430 )
2gb SD Card included, camera case and screen guard.

the item is still in it's best condition.  101% never used and has no defects.

If you are interested, please do send me a message at fionamicaela04@yahoo.com
or just add up my shop on facebook that's facebook.com/possibilityfactory.

*we are no bogus seller nor fraud.
*we do not have meet-ups since our schedule is so demented.
*we do have pick-up points in U.P. Manila.
*we require a full-payment before pick-up so we can eliminate the incidence of fake or false transaction. through this, it would serve as an assurance that the customer will buy the product.
*we also allow shipping. please prefer to AIR21's shipping fee.

If you still have any inquiries, please refer to the details given above. :)



June 18, 2011


Back to school. Away from my blog.
I haven't even tried to go online these past few days because school had already started again and my schedule was just so incredible and completely demented. It might happen that I will be updating my blog and so is my tumblr every weekend and/ or every Monday 'cause my Monday is always a FREE DAY! :))

I'll leave you with this photo taken using my cellphone's camera.
(sorry for the low resolution)

June 10, 2011

Real Facts

These are real facts about me.

un. I cry every time I get hurt, not because of the pain, but because I was embarrassed.

deux. When I'm mad, my mouth automatically speaks English.

trois. I easily get jealous and insecure.

quatre. When I'm crying and people notice it and ask "Are you okay?", I tend to cry more.

cinq. If you still doesn't recognize, YES! I'M A CRY BABY.

six. I don't eat vegetables. Carnivore here.

sept. My handwriting is beautiful when I feel like writing and vice versa when I don't.

huit. I don't like KPOP but I am a huge fan of 2ne1, only 2ne1.

neuf. Rats, cockroaches, lizards and other unidentified insects, big or small, freaks the hell out of me.

dix. I'm still a virgin, and I'm proud of it.


June 08, 2011

behind the other Fiona

CUZZZZZ i don't have anything to do with my life today and I'm so effin bored, I made this...

drumroll please...................

Typographies are all mine. :)
I know right, nonsense.

XX, fiona

June 07, 2011

What do I really want to do?

Haven't I talked about my profound passion for taking good photographs?
I hardly ever publicize my shots blame it on my lack of self-confidence and my scanty camera.
Before, I always take pictures of myself, cam-whoring, for my Friendster account using a Sony Cybershot 4-megapixel camera. Back then, when I was 13 years old, I still don't comprehend anything about photography. All I know is I need to have a great shot of myself so there is something I could use as my profile picture. I don't know anything about self-timer, macro mode, aperture, shutter speed, blah blah blah. I am always pissed every time my picture turns out to be blurry, well because of my shaky hands.
Until I get tired of taking pictures of myself. I wanted something new. I wanted something different.
In our school, cellphones are not allowed, so is camera. What I did was sneak in my camera, I put it in a pouch with ID lace then I would place it in the middle of my thighs. It wasn't recognizable but darn, it was so hard to walk. (I miss those days.) Me and my friends would take pictures inside the girls lavatory and sometimes inside our classroom when there's no teacher around. I always make sure that I have my camera with me every time there is a occasion; JS Prom, Field trip, Recollection, Program, Foundation Day.
I was so fond of taking pictures of other people, I don't mind if I wasn't in the picture, all I want is to capture that moment (well except if it was so important, that i need to be in that picture and if it was my first time to be in that place).
Last year, I persuadeD my Dad to buy a new camera, since our Sony Cybershot does look like a soap bar and we'll be going to Boracay, we needed a decent camera. So he bought a GE J150 digital camera. It was nice, though sometimes pictures turn out to be so exposed that the face of the person wasn't recognizable anymore. Just before the 2010 ends, I said to myself, "I needed to upgrade.." I want to learn more about photography. Besides being inspired by young photographers, I felt the eagerness that I have never sense in my current field (I am taking up BS Hotel and Restaurant Management). I knew I was really devoted to arts. I should have considered that when I was in the verge of choosing what course should I take in college. Now, there's no more choice of backing out. I am already in my 3rd year and just 1 more year, I'll be a yuppie already. Thus, I just have to pursue what I really want as a hobby. All I want is to enjoy what I was doing and be happy with my output. and eventually be confident enough to show others my work.
This last February, I bought myself a super zoom camera, a Fuji S1800. Being so head-over-heels DSLR.
Now, I am working on buying myself a DSLR, well, with the help of my Dad.
Hopefully, before this year ends I will already own one. Cross-fingers.

However, I still don't know what I really want for myself. Sigh.

June 03, 2011

"Love is the closest thing we have in magic."
whatever the meaning of love is, i don't know. i believe it wasn't describable.

I have been in a wonderful relationship for about 5 years now. It wasn't fairytale-like, neither perfect but I am happy and contented and in love.
My Prince Charming? He is Rovalex Valdez.

Same age as mine. Taller than me. Witty like me. Much loving than me.

We've been through a lot. From naive jealousy to excruciating conflicts and almost to the point of breaking-up. But still we're together. I knew understanding is all it takes.
It was really a great risk taking him back again, but I said to myself, I'll take a chance and would try it again. So here we are, still together, still in love.
As I have said, it wasn't too perfect. We're still going through little arguments which often leads to 2-days no communication. Yep, guys really have the biggest pride, bigger than their body. So it'll always end up me saying sorry to him first, or talking to him first, but sometimes he does the first move.

We have so much in common. We sometimes shop together. And to think, he even accompany me when I shop at thrift shops. He always support me in every endeavor I take.

He is my model, bestfriend, mentor, foe, lover, boyfriend and the greatest person in my life. :)
I love him as much as he knows. He means so much to me. And I'll always be there for him when he needs me.

I'd like to thank him for everything he does, for his effort when he travels asdfghjkl kilometers just to be with me, for spending some of his self-earned money for me, for being patient enough to keep up with my bipolar disorder, for the long conversations we have every night, for listening in my nonsense stories, rants and thoughts, for the advices you give me whenever I feel sad, for the simple yet sweet letters you give me,  for the expensive slippers you gave me in my 18th birthday, for the tshirt I have been longing to have, and for everything you have done and will do for me. THANK YOU.

You already know the things I've been sorry for. I've mentioned it to you before. And again, I'm sorry.

I heart you so much babe. I really really really do. I can still hark back to the feeling when you first kiss me, 'cos I know how stupid I looked after that. Haha. I love you babe.