June 28, 2011


I am so f'n happy because finally there are a lot of people going gaga over my camera. Jeez. I thought there wouldn't be anyone who will be interested in buying my camera since its brand isn't really that famous anymore. Ehem. Fujifilm. know about that?? hmm..
Thank God to ayosdito.ph. I posted it this morning and received a lot of offers the same morning.
There are some who want to buy it TODAY, immediately today.
That's great! But my schedule isn't great. *_*
I am still a bit edgy when it comes to meet-ups, since there are heaps of stories going around the metro about girls being raped because of meeting up or eyeballing with people whom they only met in a social network. That's why I am asking my Mom if she could accompany me so I wouldn't be that nervous. I really do hope he is a good guy and I also do hope that he likes the camera too.
So yeah. That's it. : )


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