June 10, 2011

Real Facts

These are real facts about me.

un. I cry every time I get hurt, not because of the pain, but because I was embarrassed.

deux. When I'm mad, my mouth automatically speaks English.

trois. I easily get jealous and insecure.

quatre. When I'm crying and people notice it and ask "Are you okay?", I tend to cry more.

cinq. If you still doesn't recognize, YES! I'M A CRY BABY.

six. I don't eat vegetables. Carnivore here.

sept. My handwriting is beautiful when I feel like writing and vice versa when I don't.

huit. I don't like KPOP but I am a huge fan of 2ne1, only 2ne1.

neuf. Rats, cockroaches, lizards and other unidentified insects, big or small, freaks the hell out of me.

dix. I'm still a virgin, and I'm proud of it.


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