June 27, 2011


I am helping out my friend resell her brand new Canon S95.
Her Mom accidentally bought her one as a surprise gift to her too bad her Mom was surprised that she already have one.
(that's why we hate surprises because sometimes we are the one being surprised. lewl.)

This camera sells around Php  27, 950 ( $635 ) in malls.
But since, she wants to sell it immediately, she'd agreed to sell it in a much lower price.

Php 19,000 ( $430 )
2gb SD Card included, camera case and screen guard.

the item is still in it's best condition.  101% never used and has no defects.

If you are interested, please do send me a message at fionamicaela04@yahoo.com
or just add up my shop on facebook that's facebook.com/possibilityfactory.

*we are no bogus seller nor fraud.
*we do not have meet-ups since our schedule is so demented.
*we do have pick-up points in U.P. Manila.
*we require a full-payment before pick-up so we can eliminate the incidence of fake or false transaction. through this, it would serve as an assurance that the customer will buy the product.
*we also allow shipping. please prefer to AIR21's shipping fee.

If you still have any inquiries, please refer to the details given above. :)

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