June 27, 2011


Now, let's talk about how self-centered my blog is...

It all started when I completed the pages of my diary or let's just say when I was inspired to make one.
This blog is full of self-conceitedness, well, maybe because this is mine. Right?
Essentially, this will serve as my electronic diary, the podium of my random rants and thoughts (and sometimes, emotions) and as my portfolio of whatsoever stuff I am planning to do.
There are only few people who knows about this blog, me, myself and I. Kidding.
I don't know. Is there anyone out there? Talk to me, please....................... -_-
I haven't gained any followers yet but those two or three people who already viewed & commented on my blog made me ecstatic.
I wasn't updating this blog by that time, then when I was reviewing some of my posts I saw that there are two comments and just seeing that made me hurdle on my seat.
I am happy. Whenever I get followers on my Tumblr and in my Chictopia accounts, I feel ecstatic, I feel like posting more stuff and continue what I have begun.
Honestly, I am inconsistent, unpredictable and whimsical.
I am only good in every beginning. I easily get bored and irritated. I want things rush, I hate waiting.
I wish I was more consistent.. more persistent... more patient.

I lost my thoughts..


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