June 07, 2011

What do I really want to do?

Haven't I talked about my profound passion for taking good photographs?
I hardly ever publicize my shots blame it on my lack of self-confidence and my scanty camera.
Before, I always take pictures of myself, cam-whoring, for my Friendster account using a Sony Cybershot 4-megapixel camera. Back then, when I was 13 years old, I still don't comprehend anything about photography. All I know is I need to have a great shot of myself so there is something I could use as my profile picture. I don't know anything about self-timer, macro mode, aperture, shutter speed, blah blah blah. I am always pissed every time my picture turns out to be blurry, well because of my shaky hands.
Until I get tired of taking pictures of myself. I wanted something new. I wanted something different.
In our school, cellphones are not allowed, so is camera. What I did was sneak in my camera, I put it in a pouch with ID lace then I would place it in the middle of my thighs. It wasn't recognizable but darn, it was so hard to walk. (I miss those days.) Me and my friends would take pictures inside the girls lavatory and sometimes inside our classroom when there's no teacher around. I always make sure that I have my camera with me every time there is a occasion; JS Prom, Field trip, Recollection, Program, Foundation Day.
I was so fond of taking pictures of other people, I don't mind if I wasn't in the picture, all I want is to capture that moment (well except if it was so important, that i need to be in that picture and if it was my first time to be in that place).
Last year, I persuadeD my Dad to buy a new camera, since our Sony Cybershot does look like a soap bar and we'll be going to Boracay, we needed a decent camera. So he bought a GE J150 digital camera. It was nice, though sometimes pictures turn out to be so exposed that the face of the person wasn't recognizable anymore. Just before the 2010 ends, I said to myself, "I needed to upgrade.." I want to learn more about photography. Besides being inspired by young photographers, I felt the eagerness that I have never sense in my current field (I am taking up BS Hotel and Restaurant Management). I knew I was really devoted to arts. I should have considered that when I was in the verge of choosing what course should I take in college. Now, there's no more choice of backing out. I am already in my 3rd year and just 1 more year, I'll be a yuppie already. Thus, I just have to pursue what I really want as a hobby. All I want is to enjoy what I was doing and be happy with my output. and eventually be confident enough to show others my work.
This last February, I bought myself a super zoom camera, a Fuji S1800. Being so head-over-heels DSLR.
Now, I am working on buying myself a DSLR, well, with the help of my Dad.
Hopefully, before this year ends I will already own one. Cross-fingers.

However, I still don't know what I really want for myself. Sigh.

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