July 29, 2011


There are days that you feel like winning or just simply being positive about everything.
And there are also days where all you can feel is negativity.
Today was one of my negativity days.
Seriously, why does Friday isn't always good to me?

So yeah,
we had our exams today.
I honestly swear by heart, I didn't studied everything.
For our exam in Baking, yes, I have read few stuff and if ever I fail in that exam it wasn't my fault 'cause the professor gave us off beam pointers to review. Acceptable.
Second exam, hospitality management, I am really f*cking cursed in every management class I take.
If I'll be asked how management was, I'd say...
"boring, black and white, blurred."
There are so many stuff and I don't even know where to begin.
What the ?
I disappointed myself.
I was procrastinating, expecting things will be fine though I haven't read a thing or two, taking this subject for granted.
I was really defeated by myself.
I never wanted this feeling that I let myself fail though I really know I can if I have just reviewed.

I screwed.
Oh well.


July 28, 2011


People who owns a high end camera tends to be bighead.
Especially young, I'm-pretty-and- famous girls.
Don't be a hater if average kids, like me, tend to dream of having a high end camera or in other word,
D S L R.
You do not know how sad it feels when you didn't get what you want and the happiness when you achieve something you've been longing to have and that you worked hard for it.
You don't understand it 'cause you're "Miss I get everything that I want".
Come on people.
Seriously, don't boast.
Don't fret telling us that you hate people saying things like;
"When I get my own DSLR ... blah blah blah!"
You as well, though you have that high end camera doesn't mean you are a photographer right away.
You do photo shoots and stuff, famous 'cause people were always amazed with your shots but still you aren't a photographer.

I am not jealous or something.
I do love taking pictures as well but that doesn't mean I am a photographer and I would pick on people's thoughts and whims and try to discourage them to dream.




"Do not follow me if you are going to un-follow afterwards."

I really hate those people who would follow you on Tumblr then when you didn't follow them back they will un-follow you.
You follow people's blog 'cause you like it not because you are forced to or just a payback  'cause they followed you.
And there are also instances that they'll follow you then if you follow back they'll un-follow you afterwards.
What the heck?
Is this a kind of a game or something?
Tumblr is not a competition where you have to gain many followers as fast as you can.
Tumblr is a platform of your rants, your thoughts, your feelings, ideas and a place where you'll meet people who has the same mindset as yours.
I, myself, do not follow back unless I really find a blog interesting.
But that doesn't mean I am a snob or feeling famous.
I just cannot follow everyone back 'cause it'll flood my dashboard and I wouldn't be able to catch up with things, posts and stuff.
I do check blogs from time to time.
I prefer blogs which contains random rants and thoughts of the owner.
Blogs full of photographs or anything made by the blogger herself/ himself.

People have their own taste and opinion but that doesn't mean we should be rude towards others.


July 27, 2011


is one of my favorite online shops.
Too bad they do not have a physical store here in the Philippines.
All of their items are SUPER AWESOME!
From clothes to furniture.

My personal favorite section is, of course, SHOES.
I once tried ordering online but their only payment option was thru credit card.

I love it!
I love this shop!
I just do hope they have a franchise here in our country.



{ i am trying this toy camera thingy }


Not because there's no classes and postponed exams
I am just really happy, you know.
Words really can't describe the happiness I feel.


July 26, 2011


{ i whip my hair back and forth }

I am full of anxiousness today.

I am so freaking edgy about our exam later in our French class.
I didn't do well on our quiz.
The spellings, the accents, the words.
I kept on reading and reading my hand out but it's as if nothing is going on.
God please help me.

Today is the day.
Honestly, I really don't want to end up with Nikon D3100.
It's not about being picky or whatsoever.
I just really do hope and pray that Nikon D5100's body is on the price bracket that I was expecting so I'll just end up with it.
I've been praying hard for it.
I am so preoccupied by this camera thingy.
It never ditch my freaking mind.
My Mom is getting mad at me 'cause I keep on telling her about it.
She said I am so addicted to it and YES, it's true.
I have been waiting for this for a very long time.
And I don't want to miss this chance.

Good thing me and boyfriend are now okay.
At least.

Ciao for now!


July 25, 2011


{ i wasn't aware that taking pictures of items aren't allowed }

I am really a huge fan of sneakers particularly Keds
though I still doesn't own one.
I adore Keds Champion, their classic design.
Lately, they've released a new style,
it was the same sneakers but different colors and texture (I guess).
I was eyeing on the lace sneakers.
It is so cute and sophisticated at the same time.
I'm sure I'll get one myself anytime soon.
And I believe you should grab a pair of these lovelies too.
They're so nifty.
You can use it almost everyday, even if you're wearing a dress, it would still look good on it.

{ and that is one big camera }

This Pentax Digital SLR is so pink and girly.
But it wasn't for me.
I am more into the rugged look. haha.
I am really excited and still torn on what to buy.
We aren't going to buy here in the Philippines 'cause it will cost us one semester in college if we'll buy here.
So instead, since my Uncle Jigs is going back and forth in Hong Kong these past few weeks,
we asked him if he could buy us a decent SLR 'cause it is really much more cheaper there.
I still cannot decide which one.
I am really more into Canon and I believe I need to follow my instinct and heart.
I just wish Nikon D3100 is as the same price as Canon 500D so I can just hitch with the Canon.

Sorry for the crappy resolution of photos. It was taken using my cellphone.


July 24, 2011


Good Morning Dolls.
I barely slept last night.
I was disturbed, wide awake and stressed.
I can't decide which one to buy.
I have stressed out many times before that I don't like Nikon, but it kind of hit me yesterday when many have preferred Nikon over Canon.
They said Nikon's image quality is way way way better than Canon's.
Okay, fine.
I like Canon 550D because of its 18 megapixel CMOS sensor.
I have watched this review comparing Canon 550D and Nikon D3100,
I have seen that Canon's pros are more on its structure, its built while Nikon D3100 are more on the image quality. I am really not particular on the video mode, if it has a video shooting mode, FINE.
I am more into the image quality, ease of use and fast shooting.
They're almost the same, though Canon 550D has a higher megapixel but they've said that I shouldn't be fooled by the high number of megapixel 'cause they perform just the same regardless their 4 megapixel gap.
As much as possible I want my first DSLR to be perfect.
Canon 550D is way more expensive than Nikon D3100.
Basically, I am more into Canon 'cause its lens are cheaper than Nikon's.
Though I'm only eyeing on one particular lens which is 50mm 1/8f blah blah lens,
since I am more into taking pictures of people.
But the thing is,
I don't want Nikon D3100 anymore (though it tops my birthday wishlist this year).
'Cause most people have that camera already.
My friend has it.
So as much as possible I want higher one,
my Dad and Mom are telling me that Nikon is really known for cameras and stuff.
And yes it is much cheaper than Canon's body.
I have told my Dad yesterday that okay, we'll just buy Nikon D3100.
But truth is I want Nikon D5100 more.
I am so mixed up by this camera thingy.
I am so excited to have one but at the same time I'm so stressed.

Oh well.


July 23, 2011


{ yes I am depress and I need dessert }

"That's the thing with us girls, when we are depressed, we eat."

I need ice cream 'cause I'm sad.
I just recently deactivated my Facebook account, for the mean time.
I don't know, but I'm kind of seeking for my boyfriend's attention.
I want him to realize my worth.
I want him to look for me.
Maybe by this, I'll realize if he's taking me for granted and ignoring me or not.
Yes, he's mad at me because I have done something wrong.
I'm only human, I'm not perfect, everyone commit mistakes.
Life is indeed unfair.
I know I'm unfair.
I'm torn.
I'm broken.
I want to be alone for awhile.
So I can think about stuff.
So I can internalize.
So I can find myself back.
I'm not saying I'm breaking up.
But maybe I can use this time, this time when he still doesn't need me.



P.S. I know I have said that I'll be away for a week or two, but I can't help it.
Besides my boyfriend, this blog is my best friend.


{ my shitty polaroid shots }

yes, I am not perfect.
I have my own ups and downs.
I have my own imperfections.
I am only human.
I commit mistakes.
I curse people.
I talk about others.
I give my own opinion.
I sometimes tell lies.
I'm being blamed.
I cry.
I laugh hard.
I dream a lot.
I don't think I'm ugly but I'm nothing close to beautiful.
I have insecurities.
I get jealous.
I shutdown.
I have my own happiness.
And I do not live on people's expectation.

July 19, 2011

I know I still doesn't have a polished work.
Well at least I'm trying.

I just wish that my wish && prayers will be granted.

I'll be away from this blog starting tomorrow.
I'm going to work and wish for something.
Wish me luck.
When I come back, I'll tell you guise a good news or a bad one.
I just really hope it will turn out great.

God help me.
I know I have been materialistic and all that.
Just please give me this one, please.



{ super late post }

So this is what I wore in my friend's birthday party last July 9.
( Pardon the toilet bowl)
I almost forgot to take a picture of my outfit, so yeah, here it was.
My face is all washed out 'cause I'm so f'n sleepy and tired already.

{ so here's me, trying to make a impromptu speech 'cause I wasn't really that prepared. }

I've got that lace dress in a thrift shop. It was really one of my best finds.
And I wasn't aware that it's too short for me.
And damn! my legs are huge.


July 17, 2011


{ everything was a disaster }

from the burned film effect up to the typography.




Born on the 11th of January year 1992, Fiona Micaela Valdes is no other than a child lost on the thoughts of whatever she wanted to be. She is a dreamer, an innate lover of art and a seeker of what she desire in life. 
She is mislaid in the depiction of passion and want. She will most likely want all of the things that will capture her eyes and interest but would never really determine what her passion is.
Photography has never been her passion but a spontaneous hobby whom occupies most of her notion and creative juices.
She is now on the stand to take another quest in her online business which entails vending treasure finds she hunted for in her favorite thrift shops and thus leads to her profound interest in anything vintage, Indian, Aztec and bohemian.
An enthusiastic admirer of fashion who lately exposes herself into it.
You would probably see her as a quiet, strange, snobbish and anti-social girl but in reality she is a bully, stubborn, shallow, down-to-earth creature who fancies shoes, unicorns, clouds, rainbows, gummy worms,cotton candies and wishes she has a wavy hair.

July 16, 2011


( Starbucks Trinoma )

I am trying to distant myself in my Tumblr blog 'cause everything in my dashboard is full of 
Harry Potter memories and stuff.
I was really defeated when the last installment of Harry Potter ended last night.
It was mixed emotions.
I was nervous at first then giddy then when the movie started I was like so serious and I don't want to hear any noise 'cause I was so freaking focus like I was reading a book then there are funny moments, sad moments, scary moments and that certain feeling of "PLEASE DON'T END YET".

P O T T E R H E A D /

I'd like to watch it over and over and over again, I will never ever ever get tired of it.
I am so happy to be an avid fan of Harry Potter
and I am so grateful because it became part of my childhood
of my life.

Thank you J.K. Rowling for writing such wonderful, completely demented and magical book that almost made everybody believe that MAGIC do really exist and that it'll NEVER END.


July 14, 2011


I fixed my hair before leaving the house and that is one of the least stuff you'll see me doing.
I watched this easy school hair tutorial the other day and I find it cute so I practiced on how to do it since I am really frustrated 'cause I cannot fix my own hair.
Since it was just so easy, I made it! 
(though not that really perfect)
T A D A H ! *~*

Oh nose.
I wasn't really prepared for our graded recitation in our Marketing class
but I have primed and written all the things I'd like to say and copied some details said in the book.
V O I LA !
Wait there's more...
I haven't memorized it yet!
I cannot read / study it on our French class 'cause it was so hard to catch up with words and other things especially when it is said in French.
I was not nervous or something.
Why am I so chill?
I wasn't not that really prepared and being someone so competitive with my own  self,
I want to make sure that every words I say and utter would be completely perfect.
At the last minute, while other classmates were still reciting, I was on reading my cheat sheet over and over again. I can easily understand things and as much as possible I don't want to memorize all stuff.
My turn.
Everyone is looking at me. My friends are trying to distract me by staring at me closely.
Boo ya!
I'm too composed to be distracted.
I delivered it well, though I forgot some of my lines still I think it's perfect.
I deceive people by showing them that I am quiet and shy but when examinations come they're all shocked when I got high grades or something.
And I kind of love that feeling.

Got home and I am so freaking hungry.

And what really made my day was ...

being followed back by someone whom I really look up to, one of my favorite Tumblr bloggers and young photographers, Pat Nabong.
I don't know how, why, what happened.
I am just so happy and thankful that she recognizes my Tumblr blog.

so yeah.
Au Revour!


please do check out my Tumblr blog too..


I am really no good in frying.
It will either be burned or still raw.
I overcooked it because I always have this apprehension that it might still be raw inside.
I under cooked it because I have this thoughts that it might burn down.
I've been studying how to cook for about 6 years now.
I was really not born to be a chef.

Hey guise!
Can I ask you a favor?
I am really into blogging, I know I'm still beginning to put up my reputation, sometimes I'm thinking if there is someone or anybody reading my blog, I know my blog is so much about my life, so much about my self and stuff that is going on.
Others might not find it interesting, I know.
 So can you please guise tell me what are the things you are interested about?



July 12, 2011


It all started last Saturday.
I said to myself, I'll have my own HP countdown.
From then I started watching one HP movie a day.
So when I watched the last installment on Saturday, my mind is fresh from the story though I already know by heart every story of it.

I am not in the mood to blog today.
So I'll just leave you with this.


July 11, 2011


I went to school again for nothing.
Argh! It's so unproductive. It's such a waste of time, effort and money.
Our prelim exam is coming so fast yet in one of our subject which is 
MISIR (Management Information System thingy)
we haven't moved on from Chapter 2 until now.
I do not blame it to the professor assigned to that subject.
Since, 6- 9 PM wasn't a really good idea. So the office tried to fix it, moved it every Monday 12- 3 PM.
We have sacrificed our long weekend for just a 3-hour subject.
It has been 2 Mondays already that we aren't discussing because of a shit scarcity of classrooms.
Our campus is so fucking big, it even has a grass field, a huge gym, but what the flying fuck?
Jeez. We've been paying a lot of dime then this is what we get from it? Huh?
And another thing that made me feel like in bloody hell today was about our uniform.
It has been almost a month since we ordered our new uniform,
we even paid a down payment for it knowing that it is already reserved for us and all we need to do is show the receipt, pay our balance and done.
But no, all of us were waiting for the 2-weeks notice they promised us.
Little did we know, that every fucking day, they have stocks of uniforms,
all we need to do is go there, regardless the date when we paid, if there are stocks they'll give us what we've ordered. But they said that we should go there early in the morning 'cause most of the time stocks are sold out immediately.
What about us who are scheduled in afternoon classes, huh?
What are the reservation and down payment for, huh?

Brain do exist. Use it.



She was a princess that night. She is pretty, loved, blessed and AWESOME!

She is not more like a girl-next-door. She has that exceptional beauty, inside and out that would make 
you curious of who she really is. She is quiet, down to earth and subtle.

Whenever I see her, honestly, I get this feeling of “oh, she looks snobby and intimidating”. 
Maybe that’s because we haven’t really talk that much personally.

She is one of the people who always see the best in me. I am always heartened by her sincerity. Hey! You just don’t know how I feel whenever you like my posts and stuff that I make. 

Since that day we’ve exchanged text messages, I said to myself,
“I’ve found my soul sister..”
We share a lot of things in common. The love for Disney, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, fashion, Urban Outfitters, sneakers, Tumblr, everything.. I’ve been longing for a person who have the same fascinations as mine and I’ve found that person in you..
I wish we get along. Yes, we’re friends, but tell me, we aren’t really that close? right? How I wish we were. Ya know, I am really shy towards you. Haha.
Tell you what.. I’ve been invited by some of our classmates to their 18th birthday party, haven’t I told you, it was your birthday party that I only showed up? I don’t know but I wasn’t really expecting your invitation. I am a wee bit shocked that time. But I thank you for that. I really felt great and happy. :)
So yeah, I’m glad I’ve met you. I wish you all the best in life.
I wish we can sing “Super Bass” together. I heard you singing that song, I can’t remember if it was just last Friday, then April told you “ano yang sinasabi mo?”.. I was singing that song too, I was trying to memorize the rap part and my friends also told me exactly what April told you. Coincidence. Haha.
Sorry for my nonsense-ness and for being a drama queen. :))))))


July 08, 2011



bullet form fock Friday:

· alarmed my cellphone 6:30 AM, woke up before 6:30 AM then adjusted the alarm to 7:00 AM. woke up minutes before 7:00 AM, tried to wake myself up by listening to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj.

· horrible journey going to school,
because of a hold up scene somewhere near Balintawak and out of the blue I have seen a bloodied woman, she's still alive, but her hands have an abrasion or something.
It's bleeding and I have seen from a very near distance that it has a scuff.
It made me feeble.

· when I got to school, I didn't know we will be having a quiz on our Baking class.
never got a chance to fully browse my notes and handouts.
good thing I still passed.

· Baked Banana Bread. got pissed to some of my group mates because we are so f'n slow. we are the last group to finish. though some glitches was my fault. and I felt bad about it.
Our banana bread is de-li-cious.

· took a quiz in our Hospitality Management class without reviewing again but still passed. haha.
got bored. recited about a nonsense answer. laughed. bullied some of my friends.

· the f'n rain is so heavy and my f'n umbrella is a shit load.

· went somewhere to buy a gift for my friend AJ who'll be celebrating her 18th birthday party tomorrow and to get my ATM card. YEAH!
and I got my foot soaked in flood again. Jeez.

· got home safe and sound but wet! fock.

· chit-chat with my honey bunny lovey dovey babe.
told him stories about how my day went.

· texted my friend, Seville saying sorry about me being so bossy.

so yeah, that's Friday.
9:30 AM- 6 PM loads of shit.

*why am I posting photos every single day of my blog life, huh?
so I've been planning to photo dump / spam everyday. kidding.
I am going to post one photo everyday.
Mind you, the camera I've been using lately is our GE J150 digital camera.
So, hell thanks to my new PS actions. Photos turn out to be old. 
And that's the way uh-huh, uh-huh I LIKE IT uh-huh, uh-huh...



July 07, 2011


{ Insert Harry Potter's enchanted music. }

I have always been a huge fan of Harry Potter Movies.
That's why I never liked Twilight. Haha.
J.K. Rowling, Chris Columbus and the other directors of the movie cast a spell on me.
I never fail to watch all of the installment of Harry Potter.
Since I am really a huge fan, I have a collection of Harry Potter DVDs from HP 1 to 7 1/2.
My favorite among the parts are the 1st,  Sorcerer's Stone, of course and the Goblet of Fire.
My childhood will end soon, when the last installment of Harry Potter will be open on theaters.
7 days in exact. July 14, 2011.
Harry Potter series will be missed.
Does Ron and Hermione will end up together?
Is Dumbledore really dead?
Would Harry defeat Voldemort?
What would happen to the Weasley twins, George and Fred?

Harry Potter series is one of a kind.
No one else could be completely demented to write such magical story about witch and wizardry.

I wish Hogwarts do really exist.
I wish Platform 9 3/4 exist.
I wish there is such thing as Diagon Alley.
And I wish, Harry Potter will stay.

Harry Potter will always, always remain here inside of me.
It has become a part of my childhood and eventually, a part of my life.



I am no fashionista.
I still don't know what my style is.
I believe being fashionable depends on the environment that you are into.
Maybe if I am studying in a school that doesn't require uniform I'd be fashionable enough.
I don't have any chance to glam up myself.
I can't go to mall looking like I am from another country or something 'cause most of my style inspirations are from abroad.
Yet I still don't know what style looks good on me, clothes that will look flattering on my body.
I am more into vintage, oversize shirts/ top, patterns but I don't know how to mix and match them.
Argh. Why can't I have my own stylist? Or rather, why can't I buy decent clothes?

D R A M A / Q U E E N