July 11, 2011


I went to school again for nothing.
Argh! It's so unproductive. It's such a waste of time, effort and money.
Our prelim exam is coming so fast yet in one of our subject which is 
MISIR (Management Information System thingy)
we haven't moved on from Chapter 2 until now.
I do not blame it to the professor assigned to that subject.
Since, 6- 9 PM wasn't a really good idea. So the office tried to fix it, moved it every Monday 12- 3 PM.
We have sacrificed our long weekend for just a 3-hour subject.
It has been 2 Mondays already that we aren't discussing because of a shit scarcity of classrooms.
Our campus is so fucking big, it even has a grass field, a huge gym, but what the flying fuck?
Jeez. We've been paying a lot of dime then this is what we get from it? Huh?
And another thing that made me feel like in bloody hell today was about our uniform.
It has been almost a month since we ordered our new uniform,
we even paid a down payment for it knowing that it is already reserved for us and all we need to do is show the receipt, pay our balance and done.
But no, all of us were waiting for the 2-weeks notice they promised us.
Little did we know, that every fucking day, they have stocks of uniforms,
all we need to do is go there, regardless the date when we paid, if there are stocks they'll give us what we've ordered. But they said that we should go there early in the morning 'cause most of the time stocks are sold out immediately.
What about us who are scheduled in afternoon classes, huh?
What are the reservation and down payment for, huh?

Brain do exist. Use it.


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