July 11, 2011


She was a princess that night. She is pretty, loved, blessed and AWESOME!

She is not more like a girl-next-door. She has that exceptional beauty, inside and out that would make 
you curious of who she really is. She is quiet, down to earth and subtle.

Whenever I see her, honestly, I get this feeling of “oh, she looks snobby and intimidating”. 
Maybe that’s because we haven’t really talk that much personally.

She is one of the people who always see the best in me. I am always heartened by her sincerity. Hey! You just don’t know how I feel whenever you like my posts and stuff that I make. 

Since that day we’ve exchanged text messages, I said to myself,
“I’ve found my soul sister..”
We share a lot of things in common. The love for Disney, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, fashion, Urban Outfitters, sneakers, Tumblr, everything.. I’ve been longing for a person who have the same fascinations as mine and I’ve found that person in you..
I wish we get along. Yes, we’re friends, but tell me, we aren’t really that close? right? How I wish we were. Ya know, I am really shy towards you. Haha.
Tell you what.. I’ve been invited by some of our classmates to their 18th birthday party, haven’t I told you, it was your birthday party that I only showed up? I don’t know but I wasn’t really expecting your invitation. I am a wee bit shocked that time. But I thank you for that. I really felt great and happy. :)
So yeah, I’m glad I’ve met you. I wish you all the best in life.
I wish we can sing “Super Bass” together. I heard you singing that song, I can’t remember if it was just last Friday, then April told you “ano yang sinasabi mo?”.. I was singing that song too, I was trying to memorize the rap part and my friends also told me exactly what April told you. Coincidence. Haha.
Sorry for my nonsense-ness and for being a drama queen. :))))))


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