July 29, 2011


There are days that you feel like winning or just simply being positive about everything.
And there are also days where all you can feel is negativity.
Today was one of my negativity days.
Seriously, why does Friday isn't always good to me?

So yeah,
we had our exams today.
I honestly swear by heart, I didn't studied everything.
For our exam in Baking, yes, I have read few stuff and if ever I fail in that exam it wasn't my fault 'cause the professor gave us off beam pointers to review. Acceptable.
Second exam, hospitality management, I am really f*cking cursed in every management class I take.
If I'll be asked how management was, I'd say...
"boring, black and white, blurred."
There are so many stuff and I don't even know where to begin.
What the ?
I disappointed myself.
I was procrastinating, expecting things will be fine though I haven't read a thing or two, taking this subject for granted.
I was really defeated by myself.
I never wanted this feeling that I let myself fail though I really know I can if I have just reviewed.

I screwed.
Oh well.


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