July 17, 2011


Born on the 11th of January year 1992, Fiona Micaela Valdes is no other than a child lost on the thoughts of whatever she wanted to be. She is a dreamer, an innate lover of art and a seeker of what she desire in life. 
She is mislaid in the depiction of passion and want. She will most likely want all of the things that will capture her eyes and interest but would never really determine what her passion is.
Photography has never been her passion but a spontaneous hobby whom occupies most of her notion and creative juices.
She is now on the stand to take another quest in her online business which entails vending treasure finds she hunted for in her favorite thrift shops and thus leads to her profound interest in anything vintage, Indian, Aztec and bohemian.
An enthusiastic admirer of fashion who lately exposes herself into it.
You would probably see her as a quiet, strange, snobbish and anti-social girl but in reality she is a bully, stubborn, shallow, down-to-earth creature who fancies shoes, unicorns, clouds, rainbows, gummy worms,cotton candies and wishes she has a wavy hair.

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