July 08, 2011



bullet form fock Friday:

· alarmed my cellphone 6:30 AM, woke up before 6:30 AM then adjusted the alarm to 7:00 AM. woke up minutes before 7:00 AM, tried to wake myself up by listening to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj.

· horrible journey going to school,
because of a hold up scene somewhere near Balintawak and out of the blue I have seen a bloodied woman, she's still alive, but her hands have an abrasion or something.
It's bleeding and I have seen from a very near distance that it has a scuff.
It made me feeble.

· when I got to school, I didn't know we will be having a quiz on our Baking class.
never got a chance to fully browse my notes and handouts.
good thing I still passed.

· Baked Banana Bread. got pissed to some of my group mates because we are so f'n slow. we are the last group to finish. though some glitches was my fault. and I felt bad about it.
Our banana bread is de-li-cious.

· took a quiz in our Hospitality Management class without reviewing again but still passed. haha.
got bored. recited about a nonsense answer. laughed. bullied some of my friends.

· the f'n rain is so heavy and my f'n umbrella is a shit load.

· went somewhere to buy a gift for my friend AJ who'll be celebrating her 18th birthday party tomorrow and to get my ATM card. YEAH!
and I got my foot soaked in flood again. Jeez.

· got home safe and sound but wet! fock.

· chit-chat with my honey bunny lovey dovey babe.
told him stories about how my day went.

· texted my friend, Seville saying sorry about me being so bossy.

so yeah, that's Friday.
9:30 AM- 6 PM loads of shit.

*why am I posting photos every single day of my blog life, huh?
so I've been planning to photo dump / spam everyday. kidding.
I am going to post one photo everyday.
Mind you, the camera I've been using lately is our GE J150 digital camera.
So, hell thanks to my new PS actions. Photos turn out to be old. 
And that's the way uh-huh, uh-huh I LIKE IT uh-huh, uh-huh...



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