July 24, 2011


Good Morning Dolls.
I barely slept last night.
I was disturbed, wide awake and stressed.
I can't decide which one to buy.
I have stressed out many times before that I don't like Nikon, but it kind of hit me yesterday when many have preferred Nikon over Canon.
They said Nikon's image quality is way way way better than Canon's.
Okay, fine.
I like Canon 550D because of its 18 megapixel CMOS sensor.
I have watched this review comparing Canon 550D and Nikon D3100,
I have seen that Canon's pros are more on its structure, its built while Nikon D3100 are more on the image quality. I am really not particular on the video mode, if it has a video shooting mode, FINE.
I am more into the image quality, ease of use and fast shooting.
They're almost the same, though Canon 550D has a higher megapixel but they've said that I shouldn't be fooled by the high number of megapixel 'cause they perform just the same regardless their 4 megapixel gap.
As much as possible I want my first DSLR to be perfect.
Canon 550D is way more expensive than Nikon D3100.
Basically, I am more into Canon 'cause its lens are cheaper than Nikon's.
Though I'm only eyeing on one particular lens which is 50mm 1/8f blah blah lens,
since I am more into taking pictures of people.
But the thing is,
I don't want Nikon D3100 anymore (though it tops my birthday wishlist this year).
'Cause most people have that camera already.
My friend has it.
So as much as possible I want higher one,
my Dad and Mom are telling me that Nikon is really known for cameras and stuff.
And yes it is much cheaper than Canon's body.
I have told my Dad yesterday that okay, we'll just buy Nikon D3100.
But truth is I want Nikon D5100 more.
I am so mixed up by this camera thingy.
I am so excited to have one but at the same time I'm so stressed.

Oh well.


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