July 07, 2011


{ Insert Harry Potter's enchanted music. }

I have always been a huge fan of Harry Potter Movies.
That's why I never liked Twilight. Haha.
J.K. Rowling, Chris Columbus and the other directors of the movie cast a spell on me.
I never fail to watch all of the installment of Harry Potter.
Since I am really a huge fan, I have a collection of Harry Potter DVDs from HP 1 to 7 1/2.
My favorite among the parts are the 1st,  Sorcerer's Stone, of course and the Goblet of Fire.
My childhood will end soon, when the last installment of Harry Potter will be open on theaters.
7 days in exact. July 14, 2011.
Harry Potter series will be missed.
Does Ron and Hermione will end up together?
Is Dumbledore really dead?
Would Harry defeat Voldemort?
What would happen to the Weasley twins, George and Fred?

Harry Potter series is one of a kind.
No one else could be completely demented to write such magical story about witch and wizardry.

I wish Hogwarts do really exist.
I wish Platform 9 3/4 exist.
I wish there is such thing as Diagon Alley.
And I wish, Harry Potter will stay.

Harry Potter will always, always remain here inside of me.
It has become a part of my childhood and eventually, a part of my life.


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