July 14, 2011


I fixed my hair before leaving the house and that is one of the least stuff you'll see me doing.
I watched this easy school hair tutorial the other day and I find it cute so I practiced on how to do it since I am really frustrated 'cause I cannot fix my own hair.
Since it was just so easy, I made it! 
(though not that really perfect)
T A D A H ! *~*

Oh nose.
I wasn't really prepared for our graded recitation in our Marketing class
but I have primed and written all the things I'd like to say and copied some details said in the book.
V O I LA !
Wait there's more...
I haven't memorized it yet!
I cannot read / study it on our French class 'cause it was so hard to catch up with words and other things especially when it is said in French.
I was not nervous or something.
Why am I so chill?
I wasn't not that really prepared and being someone so competitive with my own  self,
I want to make sure that every words I say and utter would be completely perfect.
At the last minute, while other classmates were still reciting, I was on reading my cheat sheet over and over again. I can easily understand things and as much as possible I don't want to memorize all stuff.
My turn.
Everyone is looking at me. My friends are trying to distract me by staring at me closely.
Boo ya!
I'm too composed to be distracted.
I delivered it well, though I forgot some of my lines still I think it's perfect.
I deceive people by showing them that I am quiet and shy but when examinations come they're all shocked when I got high grades or something.
And I kind of love that feeling.

Got home and I am so freaking hungry.

And what really made my day was ...

being followed back by someone whom I really look up to, one of my favorite Tumblr bloggers and young photographers, Pat Nabong.
I don't know how, why, what happened.
I am just so happy and thankful that she recognizes my Tumblr blog.

so yeah.
Au Revour!


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