July 16, 2011


( Starbucks Trinoma )

I am trying to distant myself in my Tumblr blog 'cause everything in my dashboard is full of 
Harry Potter memories and stuff.
I was really defeated when the last installment of Harry Potter ended last night.
It was mixed emotions.
I was nervous at first then giddy then when the movie started I was like so serious and I don't want to hear any noise 'cause I was so freaking focus like I was reading a book then there are funny moments, sad moments, scary moments and that certain feeling of "PLEASE DON'T END YET".

P O T T E R H E A D /

I'd like to watch it over and over and over again, I will never ever ever get tired of it.
I am so happy to be an avid fan of Harry Potter
and I am so grateful because it became part of my childhood
of my life.

Thank you J.K. Rowling for writing such wonderful, completely demented and magical book that almost made everybody believe that MAGIC do really exist and that it'll NEVER END.


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