July 05, 2011


Last Thursday, June 30, my friend/ block mate AJ informally invited me to her 18th birthday celebration.
I was a bit shocked because we aren't really that super close. We talk, we share a lot in common, we exchange text messages, we joke around and the list will not really go on and on.
So yeah, she typed in my cellphone the words:

July 9, 7pm, Camelot Hotel.
sshh. haha.

It was kinda cute though.
Being the silly me, I asked where the hell it was?
Good thing it was just within the vicinity of my city.
I said, yes, like what I always say when being invited.

I kinda feel bad because I wasn't able to go to my friend's 18th birthday party which is celebrated last Friday, June 1, then all of a sudden I will go to my-not-so-close-friend friend's party.
And there are several times that I have been invited by friends to go to their birthday parties but I always end not showing up.
I'm a bad friend. Boo.

Since I promised myself to go to this birthday party, I immediately searched for the perfect frock that I will wear. No I don't shop at Topshop, Forever 21, Zara or Mango.
'Cause the best of the best and the expected out of the unexpected would only be found inside the racks of a thrift shop.
So the search began that same day. There are lots of candidates. But only one should stand out. Only one should be the best. The chosen one.
There's this cream lace dress,
a navy blue dress with unicorn prints
and a leather-like party dress.
( sorry I don't have photos of the said dresses )

I was smitten to the cream lace dress but the problem is the chest part which is sheer but corset and/or bustier suddenly came off my mind.
I vowed to myself that if I'll find a corset, I'll buy that cream lace dress.
And... And... And...


I've bought both of them because I can't decide which one should I take.
It costs 1.50 bucks each.
And I am so happy to hit upon them.
I've bought the cream lace dress just yesterday.
And I'll just post a picture of me after the party so that I wouldn't spoil my look.
So yeah!

Just a quick scribble on how my day went today:
-I woke up around 6 AM 'cause I have to go to school early so I can get my refund worth 12 bucks.
-Me and my friends waited for our first class inside the library for about 2 or 3 hours.
-Have read random books about graphic arts, fashion, food and places.
-Went to the 5th floor of TYK Building, my favorite floor in that building 'cause I never find it boring, know why? 'cause it's the floor for Fine Arts major. When you see that place it was like different from when you were in the other floors.
-Craved for hash brown flavored barbecue and hamburgers.
-Had good laughs with friends and block mates.
-French class is just so thrilling and at the same time stressful.

I'll call it a day.


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