July 28, 2011


"Do not follow me if you are going to un-follow afterwards."

I really hate those people who would follow you on Tumblr then when you didn't follow them back they will un-follow you.
You follow people's blog 'cause you like it not because you are forced to or just a payback  'cause they followed you.
And there are also instances that they'll follow you then if you follow back they'll un-follow you afterwards.
What the heck?
Is this a kind of a game or something?
Tumblr is not a competition where you have to gain many followers as fast as you can.
Tumblr is a platform of your rants, your thoughts, your feelings, ideas and a place where you'll meet people who has the same mindset as yours.
I, myself, do not follow back unless I really find a blog interesting.
But that doesn't mean I am a snob or feeling famous.
I just cannot follow everyone back 'cause it'll flood my dashboard and I wouldn't be able to catch up with things, posts and stuff.
I do check blogs from time to time.
I prefer blogs which contains random rants and thoughts of the owner.
Blogs full of photographs or anything made by the blogger herself/ himself.

People have their own taste and opinion but that doesn't mean we should be rude towards others.


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