July 28, 2011


People who owns a high end camera tends to be bighead.
Especially young, I'm-pretty-and- famous girls.
Don't be a hater if average kids, like me, tend to dream of having a high end camera or in other word,
D S L R.
You do not know how sad it feels when you didn't get what you want and the happiness when you achieve something you've been longing to have and that you worked hard for it.
You don't understand it 'cause you're "Miss I get everything that I want".
Come on people.
Seriously, don't boast.
Don't fret telling us that you hate people saying things like;
"When I get my own DSLR ... blah blah blah!"
You as well, though you have that high end camera doesn't mean you are a photographer right away.
You do photo shoots and stuff, famous 'cause people were always amazed with your shots but still you aren't a photographer.

I am not jealous or something.
I do love taking pictures as well but that doesn't mean I am a photographer and I would pick on people's thoughts and whims and try to discourage them to dream.


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