July 01, 2011


I am a passionate concubine of shoes.
I love shoes.
I breathe shoes, literally, I smell them. haha.
(yeah! I smell everything..)
Though I have a wide-set feet which is not attractive, I still want to own different kinds of shoes.
So enough about myself being in love with shoes.

Last Tuesday, I went to my favorite ukay whereabouts.
I've been forbidding myself to go there since I want to discipline myself and stop buying anything that I don't even need and given the fact that I am also saving up for something.
(hey! I've been really harsh to myself.. sigh.)
But what the flying fuck I saw there made me go gaga again!
Saying in my mind "I want this! I want that! Bullshit! This is so pretty!"
Now what? I've lost all my sense of control again.
Nope I didn't buy something. I wish I do.
What really made me happy that day was when I saw my dream shoes.
I said. 'cause I'm really shocked that they have one.
I gracefully reached out for the shoe which is set on the top of the rack.
It was that shoes. My dream shoes. That beloved shoes.
But when I turned it to see the size, guess what?
it wasn't in my size.
boo-hu-hu-hu... -_-
why size 37?
why not size 38 or 39?
nevertheless, I never gave up, I tried it on, it does fit perfectly NOT.
It is so tight, I don't know if I can walk on it.
Sniff. ._.

broken </3 hearted.


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