July 25, 2011


{ i wasn't aware that taking pictures of items aren't allowed }

I am really a huge fan of sneakers particularly Keds
though I still doesn't own one.
I adore Keds Champion, their classic design.
Lately, they've released a new style,
it was the same sneakers but different colors and texture (I guess).
I was eyeing on the lace sneakers.
It is so cute and sophisticated at the same time.
I'm sure I'll get one myself anytime soon.
And I believe you should grab a pair of these lovelies too.
They're so nifty.
You can use it almost everyday, even if you're wearing a dress, it would still look good on it.

{ and that is one big camera }

This Pentax Digital SLR is so pink and girly.
But it wasn't for me.
I am more into the rugged look. haha.
I am really excited and still torn on what to buy.
We aren't going to buy here in the Philippines 'cause it will cost us one semester in college if we'll buy here.
So instead, since my Uncle Jigs is going back and forth in Hong Kong these past few weeks,
we asked him if he could buy us a decent SLR 'cause it is really much more cheaper there.
I still cannot decide which one.
I am really more into Canon and I believe I need to follow my instinct and heart.
I just wish Nikon D3100 is as the same price as Canon 500D so I can just hitch with the Canon.

Sorry for the crappy resolution of photos. It was taken using my cellphone.


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