August 31, 2011


Wondering why I haven't been updating from time to time?
Midterm exams are approaching soon. I still have a lot of group projects to finish. I know right, group projects but I want to work by myself. It is so stressful and as much as possible I hate fights because of petty stuff. That’s why I always volunteer to finish everything all by myself. Lucky group mates. This is for our project/ midterm exam in Marketing. We are mandated to create our own company/ business and since I love shoes, we love shoes, we created a shoe company. The company/ business name SHOEVILLE was my idea. Given that the only guy in our group was our dear old friend, Seville. His name wasn’t really Seville. I just made it up. Bully. So yeah. They liked it, I liked it, he doesn’t like it that’s why I named it after him. What’s with the asterisk? Well, I don’t know. I cannot think of any other stuff to put up there. I don’t want the same old cliche. I want something classy and understated. I better be ready ‘cause I’m sure somebody will ask me “why asterisk?”

Have to finish this before my cold gets worse.

August 30, 2011


I can't help it. Our refrigerator is full of wonderful sweets.

Long weekend is over.
Back to reality again tomorrow.
And it sucks!



I have finally found our old film camera inside my Dad's closet.
I wanted to try film photography since I have always wanted the old, vintage, grainy vibes.
I don't know if it is still working but whatever.
On the other hand,
looks like everybody wants me to take photography seriously.
I mean, SERIOUSLY guise?
Wait. Let me breathe for a moment.
I am all choked up yesterday when people started to talk to me about photography and all that camera stuff. I used to enjoy that topic BEFORE but now it seems like "Argh! Stop it! It's annoying!"
Maybe I am just a little bit awkward yesterday talking about it since I am not usually accustomed to talk about it in front of my Dad or Uncles.
They want me to study this, to study that. Practice, practice, practice.
It was kinda cool though. 
I love it when my Dad support me in whatever I wanted to do with my life.
First, photography then now that I've mentioned to him my love for baking.
I love this attention. :">

So we went to Dampa yesterday to have dinner with these wonderful people.
Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the food.
Uncle jigs (the person beside the one in green) gave me lots of tips about photography.
He told me to practice and study more about it and play with the settings.
He purchased one of my dream lens (50mm) and he said it was AWESOME.
I think my Dad was convinced that's why he was planning to buy one for me as well. ( I wish. )
A lot of THANK YOUs to my dearest Dad. : )

I don't want to talk about how awkward and ashamed I am to myself after I had a tiny conversation with   Uncle Jigs' friend Jorge ( that person in green shirt ). It was really humiliating. Haha.


August 29, 2011


That's why I'm precluding myself from going to malls.
I always have this tendency to fall for a certain shop or goodies.
Especially now that I haven't shop for new thingies for the longest time.
(For the record, about 6 months..)
I swear, after paying for my camera, I'll buy one of these lovelies.
Can't wait.
So yeah.


August 25, 2011


After a several months, weeks and days of sacrificing and controlling myself, I gave up, when I saw this vintage pair of shoes which I have been searching for like a decade, kidding.
It was love at first sight. I immediately grabbed it and THANK GOD it was in my size.
The price? Exceptional.
I am a happy soul, as of now.
But what to pair with it?
Florals? For the Parisian feel? Lace?
Any advice out there?

shoes. shoes. shoes.



Busy blue bee.

Chocolate doesn't melt in my fingers.

August 24, 2011


Soft tortilla + heaven full of cheese + toasted in perfection = HAPPINESS.


August 22, 2011


There is nothing much going on with my life lately. Well except the fact that I have recently got myself a DSLR, which in my own insight, something I need if I really want to take photography seriously. I thought after owning one it's like "Okay. Go now, take pictures." but in reality it's not.  It is not always about the blurry background, the high speed shooting, the depth of field. Sometimes it is just the story that you are trying to tell. Honestly, I really believed that after having one I'll be fulfilled but it turns out to be the opposite. I kind of sense this certain incompleteness, something like "It is still not the one I want."
The same old cliche "I really don't know what my real passion is."
I really love taking pictures but as of now I don't have a time to go out and take one.
I do not have a friend who will be there shooting with me, taking pictures with me, you, me, us.
Ohh I suddenly remembered Ange, one of my besties way back elementary days. She is hooked in arts as well. I want to ask her if she could come with me when I feel like taking photographs outside my room.
Yes, most of the magic happens inside the four corners of my room.

God why don't I have friends (near me) who has the same interests as mine? Why?


Fuji X100

Canon 450D

FOREVER Canon 550D

Canon Powershot S95

Ultra wide and slim film camera

Fuji Instax 25s

August 21, 2011

Self-made tattoo. Miley Cyrus inspired. Huge fan.

I wish this is permanent.


Indian Moccasins

Indian feathers

Aztec printed bag

Sheer tops

Hot pink blazer

Highwaist shorts, cropped tops, oxfords.

Doc Martens

Wavy hair

Japanese bike

Pomeranian. Such a cutee.
I want this. I want that. I want everything. Haha.

I'm not actually allowed to have a pet because we all have asthma but I really want this dog the one which looks like a lion or bear. Haha. : )


August 20, 2011


 Now we are legitimately open. Please visit my shop, click the Sunday Dream button on the left side of my blog. All items are for only PHP120. Have a nice day and happy shopping dolls! :))

sunday dreamer