August 11, 2011


One random moment last summer, I've made a bucket list of people whom I want or wish to have a spontaneous photo shoot with. Of course he tops that list, my dearest, Val.
I promised him that as soon as I got my camera, he'll be the first person whom I will shoot with.
I kept that promise. So here it was, the epic fail photo shoot. I or we failed 'cause it was kinda gloomy that day, it rained then all of a sudden sunny again. He was also wearing uniform that day. . .
(wouldn't wanna tell you guise the whole story)
Boo. Liars.

Oh yes, he was my first victim. Laughs. I know, epic fail right?
I told him I want to re-shoot. In a place where people doesn't know it exists. Kidding.
We will certainly re-shoot this thingy. I wasn't happy with my output. Though I enjoyed taking pictures of my forever model. He actually told me that he should always be my model. Haha. 

Next victim...
C O M I N G   N O T   S O   S O O N
I am still waiting for my 50mm. As if.


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