August 19, 2011


Me and my friends was in the library the other day.
I am mostly fond of the food section but then I suddenly remembered that I have once said to myself that I should start checking out the fine arts section in the library wherein I would find lots of photography books, then voila! I don't know what to get since most books are hard bound and heavy.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Digital Photography was the first one I grabbed since I know I'll find plenty of good stuff inside of it then I started fumbling on other books and guess what? The last book I didn't ever managed to read was the first one I grabbed, yes, the Idiot's Guide.

So I tucked all my guts last night and tried to add my favorite blogger on Facebook.
I know she doesn't know I exist so I've included a short message on my invitation.

Hi Ms. Elisa, i know i am a complete stranger but i just want to be friends with you here in Facebook

'cause i really admire you and you are one of inspirations. 

yes I do read and follow your blog.

I adore her. She is such an inspiration. And yes, she had confirmed my request and she told me I'm sweet. Yey! :)



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