August 31, 2011


Wondering why I haven't been updating from time to time?
Midterm exams are approaching soon. I still have a lot of group projects to finish. I know right, group projects but I want to work by myself. It is so stressful and as much as possible I hate fights because of petty stuff. That’s why I always volunteer to finish everything all by myself. Lucky group mates. This is for our project/ midterm exam in Marketing. We are mandated to create our own company/ business and since I love shoes, we love shoes, we created a shoe company. The company/ business name SHOEVILLE was my idea. Given that the only guy in our group was our dear old friend, Seville. His name wasn’t really Seville. I just made it up. Bully. So yeah. They liked it, I liked it, he doesn’t like it that’s why I named it after him. What’s with the asterisk? Well, I don’t know. I cannot think of any other stuff to put up there. I don’t want the same old cliche. I want something classy and understated. I better be ready ‘cause I’m sure somebody will ask me “why asterisk?”

Have to finish this before my cold gets worse.

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