August 17, 2011


The sweetest thing that ever happened to me.

Val: awayin mo nga ako, matagal na tayong di nag-aaway e.
Me: haha! kelan ba yung huli? two? three weeks ago? oo nga no. tagal na pala.
Val: ewan. haha.
Me: bakit namimiss mo no? dati nagagalit ka kapag inaaway kita palagi ngayon naman ikaw na mismo nagsasabi sa 'kin. haha.

Told ya, we aren't perfect but it was really a fun relationship.

We always have that random, silly moment.

Me: *reading his old letters for me, found out that after all this time it has been 5 years that I always complain to him about him being sleepy at all times especially when we are talking over the phone.*
Me: Babe, it has been 5 years na pala. 5 years na pala akong nag-cocomplain sa pagiging antukin mo.
Val: haha. di naman masyado.

That one person, that only person who knows every inch of you, every little bit.

Val: I miss you.
Me: ganun din.
Val: huh? ano? sabi ko I miss you.
Me: ganun nga din katulad ng sabi mo.
Val: OK.

Guys are sometimes like girls they also want to hear those magic words and if you don't, you'll get frowns and blunt OKs.

I don't like kisses, I want hugs.

Val: kiss ko?
Me: *weird face and deep inside my mind is saying "what the hell?"*
Me: muah! muah! muah! :***
Me: *hating baby talks*


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