August 30, 2011


I have finally found our old film camera inside my Dad's closet.
I wanted to try film photography since I have always wanted the old, vintage, grainy vibes.
I don't know if it is still working but whatever.
On the other hand,
looks like everybody wants me to take photography seriously.
I mean, SERIOUSLY guise?
Wait. Let me breathe for a moment.
I am all choked up yesterday when people started to talk to me about photography and all that camera stuff. I used to enjoy that topic BEFORE but now it seems like "Argh! Stop it! It's annoying!"
Maybe I am just a little bit awkward yesterday talking about it since I am not usually accustomed to talk about it in front of my Dad or Uncles.
They want me to study this, to study that. Practice, practice, practice.
It was kinda cool though. 
I love it when my Dad support me in whatever I wanted to do with my life.
First, photography then now that I've mentioned to him my love for baking.
I love this attention. :">

So we went to Dampa yesterday to have dinner with these wonderful people.
Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the food.
Uncle jigs (the person beside the one in green) gave me lots of tips about photography.
He told me to practice and study more about it and play with the settings.
He purchased one of my dream lens (50mm) and he said it was AWESOME.
I think my Dad was convinced that's why he was planning to buy one for me as well. ( I wish. )
A lot of THANK YOUs to my dearest Dad. : )

I don't want to talk about how awkward and ashamed I am to myself after I had a tiny conversation with   Uncle Jigs' friend Jorge ( that person in green shirt ). It was really humiliating. Haha.


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