August 02, 2011


So after a day, I am now ready to introduce to you guise my new buddy, Percy.
weird bangs

After a month of being alone ('cause I don't have anything to play with),
it was worth the wait.
After a year, finally!
I was really giddy last Sunday, 'cause that was the day we got this from my Uncle who purchased it in HK. I am really happy. Splendid.
yow! yow! yow!

Originally, we are planning to buy Canon EOS 550D, which is really my first choice.
But since it was so freakin' expensive, I've just moved into my 3rd choice which is this, my Percy.
Percy is a Nikon D5100.
We easily get along, I was a bit lost at first, but whatever, the user manual is a savior.
smiles everywhere.

I am still on the verge of figuring things out.
It has been raining nonstop so I wasn't able to go outside and explore stuff.

Words aren't enough to explain how happy I am.

Why Percy?
It was inspired by the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.
I really love Greek Mythology, so yeah, it was named after the lead character of that movie.

Am I boasting?
Yah think? Hell no.
I was inspiring you guise to believe in your dreams.
I have been dreaming and wanting this so bad and I have waited for it for a very long time.
I really love taking pictures and I do really want to involve myself in this field.
I remember when I was in my 5th year in high school (5th year? I know right. Weird.),
we were asked to act our dream job and you know what I chose?
To be a photographer.
I even made a faux camera so that my acting will be more realistic.

So yeah. That's it.


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