August 15, 2011


What food/s can you eat for a whole day without getting "umay"?

Siomai, the real ones, not those full of additives or food extenders.
I can eat siomai the whole day and trust me, I wouldn't get tired of eating it.
The best siomai I've tasted so far is from Mongkok Restaurant though it is a bit expensive.
The cheapest but also the best siomai for me is the one being sold by Chowking.

Who is/ are your bestfriend/s? What is a bestfriend for you?

I have a lot of friends, but only few are my bestfriends and they vary from different specie(?) or era of my life. Haha.
My forever bestfriend/s are of course my family. My sister, Mom, Dad, brother.
I also count my boyfriend as my bestfriend 'cause I always vent to him whenever I am sad, angry, happy, I always tell him everything, he knows some of my secrets and yeah, almost everything about me.
My cousins, Fritzie, Marici and Ken are also my bestfriends. I always open up and catch up with them whenever we have a party or occasion. 
My classmates, Crystel and Tibs, whom I always bully. Haha.

A bestfriend for me is someone who will be there for you through thick or thin.
They have different personalities and/ or way of showing they care.
They'll always understand you and would always listen to you.
Someone who will not compete with you and would always accept who you are, would respect your opinion and as much as possible, wouldn't hurt you.

When did you start taking photographs? What are your favorite subjects? Who are your inspirations?

I don't know exactly when, but probably when I was in my 1st or 2nd year high school.
I played with our 4 megapixel Sony Cybershot camera and just had fun clicking and hearing the shutter.

People. There is always something interesting no matter how boring a person is. 
I also want to go in places like France, London, New York, Athens, Greece and my local favorite, Batanes.

There are a lot of great young photographers out there and I am indeed inspired by their work.
I am mostly inspired by Pat Nabong, Elisa Aquino, Tinee Cruz and Hannah Reyes.
They are awesome. How I wish I was as driven as they are especially Ms. Elisa, she follows her dreams and I really admire her.

Who is/ are you style icon?

Olsen twins, Vanessa Hudgens and Anne Curtis.
The Olsen twins are so fashionable though sometimes they end up too much dressed up.
Vanessa is such an inspiration to me, 'cause she is petite, she is sort of tan as well and she is awesome.
Anne Curtis 'cause I love how she style herself and though she is just wearing a plain tee, shorts and slippers, she still looks fashionable.

I'm weird. I know.
I asked myself questions and I answered it myself too.



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