August 08, 2011


Random shots.
I am still on the threshold of practicing on, first, how to use my SLR and second, composing.
I am finding my way out of the real world.
I am, even now,  gathering all my guts to bring my camera wherever I want but the problem is, I don't know where to bring it. I don't want to bring it in school, 'cause it might just caught other people's attention and they might hate me and accuse me of boasting or whatsoever.
I am planning to go on a picnic with my ever loving bestfriend and boyfriend.
So hopefully it'll push through.
BTW, I had a nice time with him today. After 3 weeks of being far from one another. It was so much fun. I missed him to bits.

P.S. Monte Carlo is such a wonderful movie and it makes me wanna go to France even more.


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