August 06, 2011


My bizarre desk

My room is a one big mess.
I really need to pull together my strength and guts to fix it. 
To fold and place clothes properly inside my closet.
To scrape all the dust under my bed.
To dispose some stuff that we are not using anymore.
Blah.. Blah..

So basically this is my desk, which became a shelf.
This is the cleanest and the most organized thing I can do.
There is that lamp shade which is my sister's project.
Dictionaries, other books and unused notebooks.
My boyfriend's color pastel which I insisted to borrow from him.
That high stack of papers under that house/ m&m case was my school paper works and fillers.
I don't know where to put them and I don't want to throw them away 'cause I was worrying that I might need them someday.
My two tripod and under those is the shoe box turn into charger box.
See those things under the desk?
Another deal, another mess.
My room is small and I really don't know where to put all stuff so that it wouldn't look cluttered.
Help me pimp my room. -_-

Ya'll this is my new favorite novel/ book.
It was my cousin's, I remember borrowing it way way back 2008 or 2007? Whatever.
I just found it this last summer 'cause I was kinda bored so I read it and finished it within the day.
It was creepy and twisted. I like it.

Last stop is my vanity mess.
I don't usually wear make up 'cause it triggers pimples but (there is always a 'BUT') 
I love buying make ups especially lipsticks and lip stains.
I have completed all the make up must-haves.
From primer to lip gloss.
Though I seldom use them so maybe some are expired already or whatever.
I only wear a little mascara and lip stain, and that's it.
My recent craze is curling my hair that's why I purchased a heat protector 'cause my hair iron makes my hair brittle and dryer.

So yeah. That's it.


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