August 02, 2011


Ways to make me smile:

• out of nowhere, politely smile at me.

• tell jokes and i will not only smile, i'll laugh out loud 'til i can't breathe. that's how shallow i am.

• talk to me about stuff i'm really into like cameras, cameras, cameras and cameras. haha.

• don't boast.

• sing songs of Train, which happens to be my favorite band.

• buy me shoes. haha.

• accompany me when i feel like thrift hunting and never ever complain.

• follow me on Tumblr and/ or here.

• give me candies or if you have Wonka Nerds don't hesitate to ask me if i like, 'cause i really do.

• dance. prance. waltz. dougie.

• tell me i'm awesome.

some are true, some are not.
well, give it try.
let see if i'll smile.


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