August 03, 2011

Strawberry Fields

I didn't know this dress is to short on me.

I really adore floral prints. I find it playful and at the same time classy.
Since there are no classes yesterday due to bad weather, I asked my sister to take pictures of me 'cause I haven't posted or updated my chictopia and lookbook account in ages.
I don't have new clothes this year 'cause I was saving up for a camera.
I was rummaging my closet and bump into few pieces of dresses which I never or once wore.
I'm planning to sell it. My online shop is still on a process. Please support me guise.
I have almost 10 pieces of clothes which consists of almost dresses and outer-wears.

I'm trying to be fashionable.
'Cause I'm already 19 yet I still dress up like a 14 year old.


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