August 22, 2011


There is nothing much going on with my life lately. Well except the fact that I have recently got myself a DSLR, which in my own insight, something I need if I really want to take photography seriously. I thought after owning one it's like "Okay. Go now, take pictures." but in reality it's not.  It is not always about the blurry background, the high speed shooting, the depth of field. Sometimes it is just the story that you are trying to tell. Honestly, I really believed that after having one I'll be fulfilled but it turns out to be the opposite. I kind of sense this certain incompleteness, something like "It is still not the one I want."
The same old cliche "I really don't know what my real passion is."
I really love taking pictures but as of now I don't have a time to go out and take one.
I do not have a friend who will be there shooting with me, taking pictures with me, you, me, us.
Ohh I suddenly remembered Ange, one of my besties way back elementary days. She is hooked in arts as well. I want to ask her if she could come with me when I feel like taking photographs outside my room.
Yes, most of the magic happens inside the four corners of my room.

God why don't I have friends (near me) who has the same interests as mine? Why?

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