September 30, 2011




I have recently thought of the things I really need..

1. External hard drive, maybe 250- 500GB. I have saw my friend's status about it and then I checked our laptop's memory status and there it was, nearly going to explode as well. And I still have a lot of pictures stuff everywhere and I don't want to delete all of them because they're my memories.

2. Trusty bag, I guess the bag I have been using 4 years now needs to rest already. It wasn't broken but I think I need a new one, I need more compartments since I have a lot of stuff and I usually misplace things. 

3. Bucket bag, for my camera. I really can't tag along my camera since the free camera bag is so huge. I want a bucket pouch actually in which I could place it inside my school bag without anyone noticing I am carrying a camera.

4. Laptop, I want it Apple or HP. I need one for school works and art works.

5. Flats, I recently gave up on my trusty black flats 'cause they're causing me trips and falls. So I need one and I don't want to wear flip-flops all the time 'cause that is way too tacky and cliche already.

I merely forgot the most important thing I really need and the main reason of making this list..

6. Pen tablet, for artworks and practicing my graphic thingy skills.



That certain dread because you know the quality of your photos are crap and that it was taken using a 2 megapixel Kodak camera.

These photos were taken during our trip to Puerto Azul way'back 2008 (as said in the picture).
I feel this certain regret (what should I call this feeling, it wasn't really a regret),
because my tummy is flat back then and if you could only see my tummy now, it is bulging and unhealthy.



Hi guise!
So I've made something since November is approaching vastly.
Remember this post and if you have been reading my Tumblr as well, this shrieking post.
I've been searching for the bag since I have been lazy daisy since summer, the moment I thought of making one. By that time, we went to GH and found a stall that sells different kinds of canvas bag,
from rack sack to pouches and the best thing about it was, it is made by disabled people, so if ever I'll buy lots of it, I'll also be able to help lots of people. When we came back after a month or two, that stall is gone and it really made me sad. My mom told me that she could just look for a canvas cloth and ask my Aunt to sew it in a bag. So it was a great idea. I have made a timeline for my plans, native necklaces for this coming October and canvas bags for November. I have realized today is the last day of October and just a few more 30 or 31 days to go, it is November already. So I have made my patterns or maybe I should say graphic designs already.

I really love the song Move Like Jagger by Maroon 5 and Cristina Aguillera,
so I'm going to print it in a shirt as well. Exclusively mine only.
There are still a whole lot more designs but better not to post it yet, not until it is finish.

What can you say?
One piece per design only so that there will be this sense of uniqueness.


Cherokee-sh necklace and feather extension clips will be posted SOON. :)


September 29, 2011


So today I wasn't that productive.
Nevertheless I am still a wee bit happy on how my day went.

and he is the reason why. :)

I am such a mean brat 'cause every time he makes lambing, I bitch the hell out of me. Sorry.

So we went to the mall 'cause he needs to buy something for his plates.
It became an unexpected date which we seldom do 'cause we only see one another once or twice a month and that's how intact our relationship is. Proud.

So I am still pissed 'cause of that certain stealing my idea kind of thing, but whatever, it just shows that I have a whole lot better thing upcoming in my mind and the greatest lesson I've learned out of this was..
"Never show your source.."


September 28, 2011


That would be the worst feeling anyone could give me.
It would really break my heart.
And it just suck 'cause somebody else did.
What the flying fuck are you thinking?

fuck off.

September 27, 2011




So today, I've decided to pin up my bangs since it's causing my eyes so much irritation.
Why hello forehead.



I woke up on the sound of a very strong wind, I thought the roof of our neighbor was lift off by the wind. So when I woke up, there's no electricity and the best part is...
I only have 1 bar left in my cellphone. How good is that?
I was really terrified by the strong eerie sound of wind and the unpredictable strength of the rain.
There's no classes today and I don't know if it is a good thing or not 'cause we have a lot of stuff to fix and do (supposedly) in school today. Our huge event is coming soon and we have to manage at least two dry-runs so that we could determine and prevent possible mistakes we could make. So yeah.
Hopefully the weather will be much better tomorrow but I still do hope we don't have classes 'cause if ever we will have one, it'll be a perfect disaster.
Too bad we wouldn't be able to enjoy our foundation week which apparently happening this whole week.

tidbits of how my day went yesterday..

- went to school for nothing, again and again and AGAIN.
- me and my friends went to Victory Mall to celebrate my friend's post-birthday treat.
- we roamed around and check out the shops and I actually ended up wanting lots of stuff.
- finally found and bought a dream catcher.
- the wind broke my trusty umbrella. curse you wind. :(
- I have finally decided on what my next collection would be. Watch out for it. NATIVE GYPSY.

So that's it.
I am planning and I have actually made one already, a video blog. BUT I am still not that confident enough to post one.

Keep safe ya'll.


September 26, 2011


I seldom make lambing (lure?).
a simple, impromptu text message I composed just for him and only him.
yeah, we started conversing in English after my heartbreaking conversation with my Uncle's Portuguese friend.

no classes tomorrow bitches. love ya'll. 


September 24, 2011


Lately, I kinda feel like I want to go on a vacation, of course with my family.
I want to break free from all the pressures and toxic I am into right now.
Undeniably, I want to go back to Boracay anytime soon, it is the best place to be but it is asdfghjkl miles away and bucks away. My Dad wants to go back there too, soon, he always tease us with his favorite Boracay line; "Same time, same place.." I don't even know where he got it.
a piece of Boracay from our trip last year.
It is always fun to discover new things, places and if you'd ask me where I would like to go next, well, locally, I'd like to visit...
Anawangin Cove, Zambales

Anawangin Cove is still a virgin. I mean, there are no resorts or any establishments in that place yet and before it happened I want to see the beauty of this place first. I believe before you get into this paradise, you have to hike first or ride a boat or whatsoever. I'd be so thrilled to visit that place.

Of course, I'd like to go back to...

Puerto Azul, Cavite

It was wayback, 2007 or 2008 when we first had an early vacation in this place.
I will never forget this place because right after our JS Prom, I remembered my Dad and Uncle picked me up in school (when the prom isn't over yet) and we headed to this paradise.
While we are on our way, I fell asleep and when I woke up (I was resting my head in the window of our car), I gazed upon the sky full of stars, we were heading up the mountain and the road is very steep and it was the most beautiful view I ever saw in my entire life (as of now). The best part of that vacation was the beach. We have to go down the hill, which is just so steep and near the resort we are in and there it was the not-so-clean beach 'cause it was kind of interconnected to Manila Bay.

If we'll be given a chance to go on vacation abroad, first and foremost, I'd be eager to go on a vacation in...

It will only take us 30-minutes to land in this beautiful place.
What I like most about it?
The culture, shopping, food (I am a huge fan of siomai remember?), Ocean Park and Disneyland.

Another place which tops my Dad's bucket list is..
The shopping and the entertainment.

I really would like to travel but know what? I am afraid of riding airplanes, 'cause it makes me giddy when the airplane takes-off.



We are complete strangers when we were in our first year in college.
I barely talk to her and even thought that she dislikes me 'cause I have zero social life.
Then second year came, we became blockmates again and I barely talk to her again.
Something odd happened, later that semester, we instantly became friends.
And all is well.

Happy birthday to my dearest best friend, Crystel.

Sorry for all the bullying. Sorry for my mood swings. Sorry if I didn't talk to you yesterday.
Sorry if I make you feel bad sometimes.
Thank you for all the support. Thank you for all the confidence boosters.
Thank you for all the good times, stories and advice.
Thank you for the songs. Thank you for all the team works.
Thank you for being a great friend.

Happy birthday you!
Love ya!



1. I grew up in Makati City but now currently living in Quezon City.
2. I was once chased by a dog and had ran for my life, 200 km/ sec. (haha).
3. I love cheeseburger.
4. I like red nail polish.
5. I am a huge fan of water.
6. I hate cold coffee. Coffee should be hot you know. So I am no Starbucks fan.
7. I love listening to Beatles' songs. It makes me feel good.
8. I love to bake.
9. I made new friends with some of my classmates, I don't know how did that happened but it suddenly just happened and it was fun.
10. I get dizzy when I eat too much sweets.


these are my chic plans on how I am going to pair up the shoes that I'll be purchasing soon.
I told you, I like the tiger lily meets rock & roll feel.

September 23, 2011






these are all handpicked by c'est moi.
sorry for the lack of updates.

bits of how my day went today:

- i had a dream about an unexpected person
- i am 10-minute early for my first class
- baked an awesome cream cheese cake and made some royal icing, fondant and gum paste
- i felt a bit dizzy 'cause i ate sweets NONSTOP
- watched the battle of the bottles since i am preparing for our upcoming finals
- got confused because of that someone in my dream
- burst my heart out


September 22, 2011


Just wanna show you guise what kind of fashion sense I have, what style I live up to (in my dreams).
A mix of androgyny, bohemian and native.
I call it,
"Tiger Lily meets rock and roll"