September 30, 2011


I have recently thought of the things I really need..

1. External hard drive, maybe 250- 500GB. I have saw my friend's status about it and then I checked our laptop's memory status and there it was, nearly going to explode as well. And I still have a lot of pictures stuff everywhere and I don't want to delete all of them because they're my memories.

2. Trusty bag, I guess the bag I have been using 4 years now needs to rest already. It wasn't broken but I think I need a new one, I need more compartments since I have a lot of stuff and I usually misplace things. 

3. Bucket bag, for my camera. I really can't tag along my camera since the free camera bag is so huge. I want a bucket pouch actually in which I could place it inside my school bag without anyone noticing I am carrying a camera.

4. Laptop, I want it Apple or HP. I need one for school works and art works.

5. Flats, I recently gave up on my trusty black flats 'cause they're causing me trips and falls. So I need one and I don't want to wear flip-flops all the time 'cause that is way too tacky and cliche already.

I merely forgot the most important thing I really need and the main reason of making this list..

6. Pen tablet, for artworks and practicing my graphic thingy skills.


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