September 27, 2011


I woke up on the sound of a very strong wind, I thought the roof of our neighbor was lift off by the wind. So when I woke up, there's no electricity and the best part is...
I only have 1 bar left in my cellphone. How good is that?
I was really terrified by the strong eerie sound of wind and the unpredictable strength of the rain.
There's no classes today and I don't know if it is a good thing or not 'cause we have a lot of stuff to fix and do (supposedly) in school today. Our huge event is coming soon and we have to manage at least two dry-runs so that we could determine and prevent possible mistakes we could make. So yeah.
Hopefully the weather will be much better tomorrow but I still do hope we don't have classes 'cause if ever we will have one, it'll be a perfect disaster.
Too bad we wouldn't be able to enjoy our foundation week which apparently happening this whole week.

tidbits of how my day went yesterday..

- went to school for nothing, again and again and AGAIN.
- me and my friends went to Victory Mall to celebrate my friend's post-birthday treat.
- we roamed around and check out the shops and I actually ended up wanting lots of stuff.
- finally found and bought a dream catcher.
- the wind broke my trusty umbrella. curse you wind. :(
- I have finally decided on what my next collection would be. Watch out for it. NATIVE GYPSY.

So that's it.
I am planning and I have actually made one already, a video blog. BUT I am still not that confident enough to post one.

Keep safe ya'll.


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