September 03, 2011


I have made this before and I already forgot how.

My dearest friend, Borgy, asked for my advice slash idea of what he might do on their anniversary of her beloved girlfriend, Camille.
I wasn't surprised at all 'cause he usually asks for my help and advice whenever he needs one.
Borgy is one of my dearest friends way back high school, my only friend who remained intact with me, we're tight. Haha.
He is a friend and a brother to me.
He is the Superman of Camille.
Such a cute couple.
I wish I was a bit closer and tight with his girlfriend though. We are getting there you see.
They are second on my bucket list of people whom I want to photograph.
I already have an idea of what will be the concept.
But we are all busy and living asdfghjkl miles away from one another.
So yeah. Gloomy, sunny-less Saturday.

Good day ya'll!


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