September 02, 2011


The past week, since the long weekend started, I have always been hungry ALL THE TIME.
Blame it on the refrigerator full of good stuff and sweets.
Our parents spoiled us so much and bought lots of candies, chocolates, ice creams and Oreo.
I have been pandering myself too. I haven't been saving and that's because I can't help but eat.
Wednesday; I don't usually eat in our canteen since they're selling gold worth of food, but since I am so f'n starving I spent P 45 for a single meal.
Thursday; I went home a bit late, I bought some of our ingredients for our baking laboratory and again, I am starving. I've decided to buy a burger sandwich from Jollibee, when I was standing in front of the counter and waiting for my turn, I was staring at their sign boards and gush, my stomach is hurling.
Know what I ordered?
I ended up ordering the whole meal.
Burger sandwich + fries + soft drinks.
Friday, today; My craving for pizza was granted. I went home a bit late again 'cause me and my friend, Tibs went to Pizza Hut and Jollibee to feed our hungry angry appetite.
When I got home, guess what?
My dad ordered pizza from Shakey's. What the?!
I am forced to eat a slice of pizza though I am really full.

{ Holy smokes I want to study graphics design and digital art. }

Back to reality next week. Have to start saving up again. And should avoid eating spontaneously.


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