September 09, 2011


Yes, I am still alive. I haven't updated this blog the past few days 'cause of several reasons.
First, my love-hate relationship with this blog and my Tumblr as well.
Second, examinations.
Third, uninspired.

So what's up you guise?
Me? haven't been well, I'm feeling a bit sick lately though it wasn't too serious, it was just severe.
So what happened to me while I'm in far far away...

I had another wasted Monday.
Tuesday, first day of exams. Stress and more of stress.
Very fun Wednesday 'cause no classes on our first subject so I haven't left home early, good thing my friend warned me immediately. A very productive, tiring and yummy Banquet and Catering class. They choose our Kung Pao Spaghetti and Pomodoro (my favorite).
Full of computation Thursday. I hate computations.
Another productive Friday. Our caramel brownies are super nom nom nom. I spent the whole night reviewing for our exam in Hospitality Management 'cause I don't want to fail like what happened on my prelim exam and guess what? I perfected the exam. I am super happy.
Another thing that made me happy today is the fact that I finally learned how to make that triangle thingy. Too bad I haven't been feeling well today. My legs are aching.

Ya'll don't forget to visit my shop this Sunday, around 8 pm, I'll be releasing a new collection.


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