September 30, 2011


Hi guise!
So I've made something since November is approaching vastly.
Remember this post and if you have been reading my Tumblr as well, this shrieking post.
I've been searching for the bag since I have been lazy daisy since summer, the moment I thought of making one. By that time, we went to GH and found a stall that sells different kinds of canvas bag,
from rack sack to pouches and the best thing about it was, it is made by disabled people, so if ever I'll buy lots of it, I'll also be able to help lots of people. When we came back after a month or two, that stall is gone and it really made me sad. My mom told me that she could just look for a canvas cloth and ask my Aunt to sew it in a bag. So it was a great idea. I have made a timeline for my plans, native necklaces for this coming October and canvas bags for November. I have realized today is the last day of October and just a few more 30 or 31 days to go, it is November already. So I have made my patterns or maybe I should say graphic designs already.

I really love the song Move Like Jagger by Maroon 5 and Cristina Aguillera,
so I'm going to print it in a shirt as well. Exclusively mine only.
There are still a whole lot more designs but better not to post it yet, not until it is finish.

What can you say?
One piece per design only so that there will be this sense of uniqueness.


Cherokee-sh necklace and feather extension clips will be posted SOON. :)


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