September 15, 2011


I really am excited on how my life is going on right now.
After all the sacrifices I made just to get what I want, it's starting to pay off.
Well not yet really. I am just happy about the fact that 2 more weeks to go and I'm finally FREE.
By free meaning, I can already buy whatever I want and start materializing all my plans.
From going places with boyfriend to buying a new pair of shoes from M.A.
I can't help but talk about it 'cause I was like starving for it since December 2010.

What to do?
+ save up for boyfriend's birthday.
+ buy shoes, complete my bucket full of shoe wishes.
+ paint our room.
+ take photographs.
+ print photographs and make a collage in my headboard.
+ buy a new lens.
+ buy a polaroid camera (birthday gift to myself).
+ buy a new pair of jeans.
+ customize and paint on canvas bags.
+ go to places like Cubao-X, Tiendesitas, Venice Piazza and hopefully, Tagaytay with my boyfriend.
+ have an annual reunion with my elementary friends.
+ hopefully, be a Dean's Lister this sem. *crossing my knuckles so hard for this*
+ buy lots of vintage looking clothes.
+ and my list goes on and on and on.

I wish I could fulfill all of this before summer next year 'cause by that time I'll be having my OJT already.

So much for today. Tired and groggy.


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