September 15, 2011


Lately, I have felt that certain sadness and fear that I really don't want to feel as much as possible.
But we cannot always stop it from happening but we always have a choice its either don't do something about it or talk about it. As for me, I talk about it and try to mend it through doing stuff that makes me happy, somehow.


- open up to someone, strangers are the best option because sometimes it is much better to talk to someone who doesn't really know you at all 'cause they wouldn't judge you immediately.

-drink something that will make you feel good. alcoholic beverages is a big no-no. did you know that alcoholic beverages would make you look 10 times older, it would make your skin dry and worse, it would make your hair brittle. as for me, slurpee is the best option 'cause it would give you brain freeze.

-watch movies at home. avoid chick flicks and love stories. try watching cartoons, fantasies, fairytales just skip the love story parts.

-and the best thing that you could ever do to relief yourself from sadness is...
sit down and talk awhile with that certain person who's making you feel gloomy. wait for an explanation, ask questions, accept apologies and above all, forgive.

REMEMBER: If there's love, there will always be hope.


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