October 27, 2011

30 questions challenge

1. Five ways to win my heart: a. make me laugh; b. surprise me; c. make me feel special; d. sing my favorite songs; and lastly, never tell a lie.

2. Dreams do come true.

3. Well, besides Bob Ong books, I am currently hooked in reading pastry books, those full of pictures and information. I also read Mary Clark Higgins suspense anthology.

4. Bullet of my day today:
    * I woke up around 9 A.M. in the morning.
    * Browse the net and checked if my section is still reserved for me.
    * Ate cheesy spaghetti for brunch.
    * Updated and tweaked my blog while having a chat with my love.
    * Got bored.
    * Got bored. 
    * Made a new set of earrings.
    * Ate dinner.
    * Blogging.

5. "Hey! How's life eh?"

6. My playlist has been rotten for the longest time so I am not really into music lately but my music life revolves around Train, The Stills and well, I don't know.

7. Pet peeves:
    a. stealing my idea kind of thing.
    b. wrong grammar.
    c. long commercial breaks.
    d. lies.
    e. clone.

8. Cheesy spaghetti for brunch and fish wraps and mussel soup for dinner.

9. Education is extremely important. END.

10. Perfect two, Someone like you, Drops of Jupiter, With a smile, I love you more today, Louder, Kings and Queens, Here comes the sun, Look at me now, Right there.

11. My family:

12. Rovalex Valdez times 5.

13. My body is, well, unhealthy 'cause I my body fat percentage is higher than expected. I am not overweight, actually, my weight decreased and I don't know why. I am a bit uncomfortable with my legs 'cause I know it is freakin' huge and well, not perfect.

14. I wore a comfy tank top and boxer shorts.

15. Capricorn. Yes, it does really fit my personality.

16. What if... my life is almost perfect? What if I am a rich kid, what if I have a good physique, what if I have everything? 

17. I am proud of my 5 year and still counting relationship with my boyfriend.

18. I just recently got hurt because I assumed and expected that I will get a scholarship for this coming semester but it turns out to be the other way around.

19. Shoes, clothes, iPad, Macbook Pro and camera stuff.

20. Fear of being alone and left behind, fear of heights, fear of insects and fear of losing loved ones.

21. I hope my future would fall right into what I expected it would be. Though I still don't have plans because I am that kind of person who just goes with the flow and let life lead me where I should be.

22. Take a peek in my grades:
I haven't studied well this semester. I have been skipping class, I do not recite at all (well except if mandatory) but still I got good grades. Effortlessly. What if I tried to go for it and give my best shot?
Maybe I'd be granted with a full-scholarship. Haha. But I am so tired and lazy.

23. I miss shopping. I miss going places. I miss being free.

24. It is not actually a word, but a person.. Vice Ganda.

25. I am worrying about my shop and my business life.

26. I like me being creative and artistically inclined. I hate me for not doing my best in everything that I do and for not taking a risk, for always playing safe.

27. "Honesty builds trust and trust is an essential part of a happy relationship." and "Nothing worth having comes easy" and "Take a chance and don't ever look back." and a whole lot more.....

28. I would actually love to move in New York or London. LOL. Kidding. I don't ever want to move in somewhere anymore 'cause we just (almost) recently moved in from wherever we are right now. But I'd be thrilled to visit: Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai. France, London, New York, LA, Brazil and Batanes.

29. Weird things? Anchor tattoo, feathers, old stuff, Phineas and Ferb and polaroid camera(?).

30. I am excited in making my DIYs.

So yeah. That's it. Night.




I am extremely excited to my new project slash DIY.
I will be free-hand painting on shorts (yes, shorts) and I am gonna make these leopard cross thingy on my shirt. I am super excited.
Oh how I love DIYs. :)
Please do not steal my ideas as fuck. Brainstorm your brain as fuck. And never give me a load shits of fuck.



October 26, 2011


leopard prints and distressed cut-offs

This is how I am going to pair stuff.

I bought a new body-con dress which I can also use as a top. It is a bit sheer though and very girly since the color is super hot pink with tidbits of sparkles.
I also bought two new pair of shorts, both high waist since I need to elongate my legs.
The one is a navy blue U2 shorts and the other one is a Levi's denim cut-off.
I am planning to buy a red one and another denim wherein I can paint prints.
I am going to search and buy a gray blazer and oversize shirts.
Should I make an outfit post? Yay or nay?
You think?

Visit my shop this coming Sunday, October 30, 2011.
I will have a huge deal for all of you dolls plus I am going to release a back to back collection of my
Plume Anthology (which consists of bold colored earrings) and my Dream Catcher Collection (which, well, consists of dream catchers of all sorts).

If you are thinking of what are you going to give to your BFFs this Christmas,
why don't you ask me to customize accessories for them?
Maybe a few pair of earrings, sorts of bracelet or anklet with charms and/ or a dream catcher bag charm.
You can contact me on Facebook, visit my shop or just send me an inquiry at fionamicaela04@yahoo.com.
I will give discount for bulk orders. : )





young. wild. free.

October 24, 2011


the earrings: YAY or NAY?

So I spent the first day of the week and the whole day with my love.
We roam around Manila, bought some stuff, visited Quiapo church, ate lunch and headed straight to San Juan and got a bit lost. I happen to know that place, which is one of my favorite shopping site, Greenhills. But we have to go to Gilmore station so we walked, hmm, 2 kilometers? Well, I don't know, it was fun 'cause we're just like walking in the park. I told him, we should walk slow so that we wouldn't get tired easily. Finally got there. And he bought some computer thingy.
From there, I already know how to get home.
We both made dream catchers and may I just say, that my love, is such a good student, I mean he easily get along with me in making dream catchers. So we sort of made a variety.

So yeah. I have been working on new designs of feather earrings and juggle it with dream catchers.

Night. Toodles.


October 23, 2011


While stressed up 'cause I am really tensed of my grades this sem since I am aiming for something,
I made this lovely and spent my weekend pigging out on junk foods and pastries.
Originally, I am planning to make dream catchers with my love but since I haven't bought any loops yet, I just practiced on one of my old bangles and voila!
See the web isn't that perfect yet, but earlier today I made a new one and made the web more precise.
It was kinda fun to do, since I really love dream catchers and feathers and anything Indian-American-Cherokee-Aztec-Tribal whatever.

So just recently, I accepted made to order accessories from my cousins, friends and boyfriend.

sample product | Php 100

My price range for my plume earrings will scope between Php 50- Php 75 depending on the length and other stuff in it (like beads, chain, pendants) but for made to order earrings or any other accessories, I add a certain price for the add-ons.
I have to postpone my Little Lily Collection since I have to give way for my new plume earrings and dream catcher collection. :)
Watch out for it!

So have to go.
I'll be digging on my Mum's Pork Sinigang and Daing na Bangus tonight.
Plus, I made a cheesecake last night equals fun.




October 20, 2011

will still update this.. :)))


I hate to turn up by the blues, uninvited.

Hello sem break!
Yey! Finally. So I spent the first day of my sem break with my one and only love and it was fun.
I missed him so badly. We haven't seen each other for about 3 weeks and I'll make sure we'll both spend our sem break together, as much as possible.
He is kind of a bitch today, he's trying to piss me off intentionally. It was kinda funny and annoying at the same time and though I told him I'm not going to talk to him anymore, I can't help it.
So our bonding went like cooking and accessories making.
We ate crispy kangkong for lunch (he joined my diet) and we talk things over while we both make accessories and yes, he bought stuff from me, of course, I gave him a huge discount 'cause he is my love and he gave me an idea of what I should make next though he consumed most of my square beads and he pinched me so painfully. 

So tomorrow, I just wish my cousin could come over here after lunch 'cause I'll be having my first, umm, err, should I call it a "photo shoot" (which is an overrated term already) ?
It was kind of the same thing. I'm going to take pictures of my sister's friends for their magazine project or whatsoever. So yeah, hopefully it would be fun and productive.

I am sort of pissed and sad. One of my favorite young photographer ordered something from my shop.
It wasn't really the first time she inquired something. It happens to be her second time.
But I am still thrilled as I'll ever be.
So I thought the transaction would be cool and fun since I am really (well not really anymore) a huge fan.
So it goes like, after receiving her order form, I sent her the payment details and she replied back.
Supposedly, my reservation period is valid only for 2 days but due to finals week and I am busy as well, I just let those who ordered have a leeway up to whenever they are capable of sending their payments. Some paid after 3 days, acceptable. Some needs to be reminded first before they tell you what's going on but at least they told me they're busy with finals etc.
But HER, why HER? From all of those who ordered from me, why HER?
I used to adore her, but why'd she have to be like that?
She should have told me that she'll just cancel the transaction but... but...
she didn't.
I texted her almost 2 times, after 4 days and after a week of her reservation.
The 2nd time I texted her she answered back saying how much it is again.
My answer wasn't as polite as I was when I first texted her.
The item she bought from me will not even affect (maybe) her allowance for a week 'cause it wasn't really pricey and heart breaking at all, but she doesn't pay a dime.
It wasn't about the money, it was about the respect and the word you have agreed upon.
My order form had an question stating:
"I am fully aware that upon submission of this form I'll be responsible and will pay within the period of time given. Yes? Or no?"
She answered YES. Clearly YES.
I thought her account was hacked but why would the hacker bluff on buying stuff from me? 
Amidst all the blooming lavish online shops out there.
Texting me the words, "I'll just cancel my order, sorry."
is as simple as logging in and posting stuff.
You are the first hoax on my list. But I will still understand whatever you are into right now, whatever your reason is, but I just wish you have warned me.



October 19, 2011

21.1 megapixels full-frame CMOS sensor
DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor’s 14-bit A/D conversion
Full HD Video capture at 1920 x 1080 resolution
3.9fps continuous shooting speed, up to a maximum burst of 78 shots
Shutter speed of 1/8000sec. and X-sync speed of 1/200sec.

Ohh boy, aren't you the prettiest?
But why'd you have to cost US $2,250.00.

October 18, 2011


current passion for fashion.
peg? laid-back-summer-ditch-the-tank top. olsen twins.
I super adore this style 'cause a little bit of skin will peek through the small holes of the knitted top and the black brassiere would add the sexy love in it.
I would be eager to pair it with a navy blue high waist shorts plus sunnies. :)



October 17, 2011



I know I haven't been posting lately, I mean, not like before, day after day I post something.
It's our finals week already and examinations is on our way and I really have to focus more on studying since I am vying for the scholarship which I really really wanted so that I could somehow payback my Dad for what he had spent in buying my DLSR.

I am going to design shirts with my sister this sembreak though she doesn't have one.
I will post pictures afterwards.

And ooh..
Remember my bucket list?
I have found the perfect bag for my camera. It looks like an ordinary bag, nobody will know I am carrying a camera in it. And it costs way cheaper than those found in malls plus I can use it in school as well 'cause it will come with a detachable compartments. How good is that?
I am torn between the slingy or the satchel.
So yeah.

And ooh..
I am going to release a new collection on the latter part of this month since a lot of people are requesting dresses and the likes so hopefully within the week I would be able to buy stuff for my shop.

So have to go. I am heading somewhere in Manila today to buy stuff and to lurk around, enjoy this day, ALONE. 



October 16, 2011

I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited
but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it
I had hope to see your face and that you'd be reminded
that for me, it isn't over
I super adore Adele since the day she sang Chasing Pavements.

October 15, 2011

I'm almost through with this.
Just 3 more semesters and I'm finally a professional.
I don't know if it was a good thing or what.
I still don't want to grow old and do work stuff.
I still want to enjoy life.
I want to accomplish something whilst I'm still young, something out of ordinary, something not related of what I am taking up now.
So earlier today, me and my friends visited the 5th floor again.
What's so special about it are the displays and mini art exhibits.
It is so fun to stare at those masterpieces.
Sometimes I wonder, WHAT IF, I took up a course related to Fine Arts?
Would I be happy? Would I be satisfied? Wouldn't I feel this certain regret I'm feeling right now?
I want arts. Art is my life. I know people who knows me will be surprised 'cause I really have a different way to express art, to utter my love for art.
No I don't paint and definitely no I don't sculpt.
But know what, art is a world. 
Art is a variety of imaginative appreciation.
Art is a life itself.


October 13, 2011


yo! I'm still in the process of surviving this week and next week.

Our event yesterday went great. It was fun, full and a blast.
I also spent the night with my cousin, Fritzie whom I invited in our event.
We spent the whole night talking about stuff, catching up and watched TV series.
Though I know I have a big exam today I still slept late last night (around 2am I guess).
So I woke up at around 8:30 and started preparing for school at around 9:15 until I received a frantic text message from my friend, Seville who was asking me to buy him a pencil 'cause we need it for our exam then I immediately texted him:
"Sure. Our exam will start at 10:30, right?"
Then he said,
"No, 10."
God no! Don't do this to me, I said panicking and moving as fast as I could, like a ninja.
I was really upset. I felt like people, my friends turned their backs on me. 
I told my cousin that we should leave right away.
So we left around 10 am and the exam will start in awhile already.
When we are in the jeepney, my cousin suddenly blurted out:
"I left my cellphone in your room."
No!!! This can't be happening.
As much as I want to go back, since I really know that her cellphone is her life, I really can't.
It wasn't the best time to go back 'cause that exam is a matter of life and death.
Good thing my cousin is as understanding as I am.
She agreed that she'll just pick it up tomorrow in my Mom's.
End of the story.
I promised myself that I will sleep early today.
Prolly I'll sleep at around 12 again 'cause I have to review for another exam tomorrow.
And I don't want to be late ever again.

Time check. Oops, time's up. Toodles. :)


October 10, 2011


Drop by my shop to know more about these stacks of feather goodies.
Ignore the title. I'm bad in titles.
So, our defense earlier today went okay. I thought I was gonna die. Kidding.
After the hate, the sleepless nights, the arguments, the brainstorming, the stress, the pressure, the madness, finally, my most hated subject is now over.
I was kinda proud of myself because I never really thought that I was gonna be able to finish OUR project ALONE. 
Good thing I listened to my Mom. She told me to take it as a challenge. I was always lazy and anxious in going to school every Monday, 'cause I really hate this subject. I wasn't that interested in our project as well. But hey! I've done it. I've finished it. And our defense went great and it feels good.
I just hope we get a good grade.
7 more days to go and I'm through with this sem.
Am I going to be a Dean's Lister?
I also have 7 days left to practice and come up with a routine for our flaring next week.
That's the end of me.
I don't know anything about flaring except the basics.
Oh nose. Why. Jeez. Sweet niblets. 



October 08, 2011


my worn-out face and hippie feather headpiece.
So I haven't posted anything lately (like yesterday and earlier today). Know why?
School is preoccupying me and there are a whole heap of things that needs to be done.
It feels like dying, maybe it is much worst than dying.
This coming week is our judgment week, hell week and whatever week it may be.
Our schedule is jam-packed with pitiless activities and school works.
Monday would be a very heartbreaking start, MISIR defense, which I summon and I will always hate.
Tuesday would be fun 'cause we will be playing charade with our French instructor who seldom speaks english, BUT I still love that subject.
Wednesday would be STRESSFUL. I have to cook my favorite Pomodoro dish for 50 pax.
Thursday departmental exam in Marketing.
Friday we'll be waiting for 3 hours before our Hospitality Management class in which we will be having 3 quizzes.
How good is that?
I wish I would be able to accomplish this week, ALIVE.
I am trying to juggle my shop and school.
By Monday, I need to finish all the accessories I need for my 3rd collection.
By Monday as well, I need to finish our animation and presentation for our defense.
*cross fingers*

I am annoyed as hell to OTHER PEOPLE out there for mocking things that I like, that
I do, everything.
Does it make you a  better person than me? Or you are just trying to prove something by overdoing me? Cause if you do, I guess it just makes you look worst 'cause you are playing the game that I don't wanna play. But whatever, good luck in your life and what comes around come back around.


October 06, 2011


Meeh.. I mean, why suddenly everybody wants to do this, wants to do that.
"Whoa! Slow down people, slow down."

So here I am, having breakfast in front of the laptop while watching TV (multi-tasking) wondered and saddened by the thought that the genius who changed our lives and the technology just died.
Steve Jobs, may you rest in peace, you've done your job and may I just say, you've done it great.

I am currently working on the accessories that I'm going to release on my shop SOON.
I haven't been saving up lately 'cause I am hungry all the time.

(aww.. one of the timeless songs, I have been singing since I was 8, I guess, is playing. MY SONG.)

Anyway, something odd and stupid happened to me last Monday and it really pissed me off.
I don't wanna talk about it anymore 'cause it is really heartbreaking and feet aching.

So I tag along my camera yesterday in school since my classmate told me they need to borrow it from me for our event. I brought the bag as well and place it inside my new bag. . .
tadah! it's not much but it's all that I need.

Mommy bought it for me 'cause I've been bugging her to buy it. Hrhr. 
The camera bag fits just fine except that it looks bulky, it's as if I carry a lot of clothes in it.
And then, they didn't even bother to tell me that they or maybe I should now say, HE, will not use it anymore. Badtrip lang. It's heavy and the fact that he asked me to bring it, nakakahiya naman sa akin. Di ba?
Enough. No more hard feelings but I swear I will not bring it anymore if anyone asked me to.

Oops.. have to go.. I still need to draw something.. Toodles.



“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
-Steve Jobs, RIP

October 05, 2011

a darkness shines through my airplane
purple and bright on my window pane
and be close to me, be where I am
where the wind is hard, where the wind is hard.

the timing's right and the light is soft
we've come from far and we came here lost
we're moving east, we're rolling through
if you believe in me, I'll believe in you.

explosive highs to breakneck lows
every mirror in the house has broke
but the moon is red and the sky is green
in the loneliest place I've ever been.


October 03, 2011

Php 100 each ( $2.33 )

I should be on my way taking a bath and prepare myself for school today.
BUT instead, I am here in front of the laptop and trying to make this entry.
So yeah, I still have to go to Manila and buy some stuff.
On the other hand,
me and boyfriend have the same drawback in school.
Lately, we have been uninspired and merely, hated school.
I have to talk to him last night about it and hopefully he'll be able to finish all his school works and so do I ( I wish ).

Oops.. Have to go.. 


October 02, 2011


look what boyfriend got for me.

So this is just in.. I am still thinking if I will push through my plans of selling pop art canvas bags on November due to certain reasons and circumstances. On the other hand, feather hair clips/extensions, earrings and native necklaces are brewing already and hopefully will be out soon.
I guess I will be far, far away for quite some time 'cause I have to finish all those stuff.
Any request?
Comment on this post and let's see if I can make some arrangements.

May I just say how pissed I am?
I am trying to comprehend and endure as much as I can but I think it is already going way overboard.
My boyfriend, mom, sister and cousin told me to just walk it off but I can't help it if every single day of my life I'll see something new being imitated. Grrr. I still have a lot of thoughts here in my mind but as much as I want to tell you guise, I already can't and maybe I shouldn't. You happy now?


October 01, 2011


yes, yes?
It will surely occupy my whole week and would make me go to sleep earlier and hopefully, would help me keep myself away from our laptop.

Went to Divisoria earlier today, bought some stuff and got dirty in the mud (maybe worst than mud but certainly not a poo, I guess).

Sleep tight.