October 27, 2011

30 questions challenge

1. Five ways to win my heart: a. make me laugh; b. surprise me; c. make me feel special; d. sing my favorite songs; and lastly, never tell a lie.

2. Dreams do come true.

3. Well, besides Bob Ong books, I am currently hooked in reading pastry books, those full of pictures and information. I also read Mary Clark Higgins suspense anthology.

4. Bullet of my day today:
    * I woke up around 9 A.M. in the morning.
    * Browse the net and checked if my section is still reserved for me.
    * Ate cheesy spaghetti for brunch.
    * Updated and tweaked my blog while having a chat with my love.
    * Got bored.
    * Got bored. 
    * Made a new set of earrings.
    * Ate dinner.
    * Blogging.

5. "Hey! How's life eh?"

6. My playlist has been rotten for the longest time so I am not really into music lately but my music life revolves around Train, The Stills and well, I don't know.

7. Pet peeves:
    a. stealing my idea kind of thing.
    b. wrong grammar.
    c. long commercial breaks.
    d. lies.
    e. clone.

8. Cheesy spaghetti for brunch and fish wraps and mussel soup for dinner.

9. Education is extremely important. END.

10. Perfect two, Someone like you, Drops of Jupiter, With a smile, I love you more today, Louder, Kings and Queens, Here comes the sun, Look at me now, Right there.

11. My family:

12. Rovalex Valdez times 5.

13. My body is, well, unhealthy 'cause I my body fat percentage is higher than expected. I am not overweight, actually, my weight decreased and I don't know why. I am a bit uncomfortable with my legs 'cause I know it is freakin' huge and well, not perfect.

14. I wore a comfy tank top and boxer shorts.

15. Capricorn. Yes, it does really fit my personality.

16. What if... my life is almost perfect? What if I am a rich kid, what if I have a good physique, what if I have everything? 

17. I am proud of my 5 year and still counting relationship with my boyfriend.

18. I just recently got hurt because I assumed and expected that I will get a scholarship for this coming semester but it turns out to be the other way around.

19. Shoes, clothes, iPad, Macbook Pro and camera stuff.

20. Fear of being alone and left behind, fear of heights, fear of insects and fear of losing loved ones.

21. I hope my future would fall right into what I expected it would be. Though I still don't have plans because I am that kind of person who just goes with the flow and let life lead me where I should be.

22. Take a peek in my grades:
I haven't studied well this semester. I have been skipping class, I do not recite at all (well except if mandatory) but still I got good grades. Effortlessly. What if I tried to go for it and give my best shot?
Maybe I'd be granted with a full-scholarship. Haha. But I am so tired and lazy.

23. I miss shopping. I miss going places. I miss being free.

24. It is not actually a word, but a person.. Vice Ganda.

25. I am worrying about my shop and my business life.

26. I like me being creative and artistically inclined. I hate me for not doing my best in everything that I do and for not taking a risk, for always playing safe.

27. "Honesty builds trust and trust is an essential part of a happy relationship." and "Nothing worth having comes easy" and "Take a chance and don't ever look back." and a whole lot more.....

28. I would actually love to move in New York or London. LOL. Kidding. I don't ever want to move in somewhere anymore 'cause we just (almost) recently moved in from wherever we are right now. But I'd be thrilled to visit: Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai. France, London, New York, LA, Brazil and Batanes.

29. Weird things? Anchor tattoo, feathers, old stuff, Phineas and Ferb and polaroid camera(?).

30. I am excited in making my DIYs.

So yeah. That's it. Night.



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